Gabriel Cousteau returns to Carabins

The University of Montreal (UdeM) Carabins repatriated his former defender and attack coordinator Gabriel Cousteau to his coaching staff on Monday.

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It is therefore a ‘return home’ for someone who left the UdeM in December 2019 to gain new professional experience. The former head coach will again be the assistant coordinator of the attack, who will be headed by head coach Marco Jadeluka. He had previously spent nine years as a student-athlete and coach on the Blues team.

“After Jason Hogan left [pour les Blue Bombers de Winnipeg]”It wasn’t long before Marco called me,” said Cuzino, who worked in Italy as a security guard for the Bologna Warriors.

“It wasn’t long before I agreed to return with Carabins. Helped me to leave and discover something else. However, I wanted to return home. Here I feel most at home. I am happy to have returned with my family. “

Jadeluka is equally happy to reunite with the defender, who made a big contribution to Carabins’ first Vanier Cup title.

“Gabriel was a logical choice,” Jadeluk said in a statement from his organization.

“He has been a huge help in creating this program, and he knows our values ​​and our system very well. Veterans will love him, and the young people on our team will discover one of the best young coaches in the province.

more experienced

In 2021, Cuzino took the position of attack coordinator at Phénix du Collège André-Grasset, as coach of Carabins receivers from 2016 to 2019. He also took on the role of attack coordinator following the departure of Marco Jadeluca in July 2018.

“I’m coming with a lot more maturity,” Kusto said. Leaving for the first time was like a break. It is no longer the same world that is here and there are no more players I have played with. I have a fuller background. As the coordinator of the Cégep attack, I was able to check more cases. I’m back and better prepared to help Marco.

Recall that Jadeluka was the attack coordinator for five seasons when Cousteau was a student-athlete. The two participants then worked together for two years as Blues coaches.

This time it’s over

Gabriel Cousteau returns to Carabins


Gabriel Kusto wanted to put on his helmet and shoulder pads for the last time. He was able to do that this year as part of the Bologna Warriors in Italy.

At the end of the quarter-guard’s career at the university level in 2015, No. 4 was named after the University of Montreal’s Carabins Coaches Corps. Five years later, a call from the pitch was still present and he decided to return to play in France with Asnières-sur-Seine Molosses.

In 2022, he stacked his bags again to relive the thrill of the landings, and he arrived in Bologna.

“I’m officially retiring,” he said Monday. I last played in France during the 2020 campaign. My season ended there because of Covid-19. This time I am the one who decided it would end. I fully experience the European experience and I am very happy about it.

So Kusto officially puts on his helmet to return as Carabins coach, and he didn’t want to miss that opportunity. He makes this return with the conviction that he lived what he had to live on earth.

“Honestly, I could have gone on,” said one who ranks second in the Italian league in terms of statistics. At the call of the carbines, I immediately realized that it was time to return.

Transmission belt

Kuzino’s European experience adds new strings to the forefront of the Laval homeland. He recommends that all footballers who do not have the opportunity to play in North America try their hand at the Old Continent. He will not hesitate to lend a hand to a compatriot who would like to take the leap.

“There is one French team and two Italian teams that write to me every year asking them to recommend players. If there are young Quebecans looking for contacts in Europe, I will be happy to point them in the right direction.

“It’s really an incredible experience that allows you to keep playing football, traveling and discovering other cultures,” Kusto concluded.

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