Gérard Darmon is the star of “LOL: Who Laughs Out!” 2 seasons

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– Published in 2022 April 7, 4:19 PM

The veteran actor sparked fun among his little comrades in this comedy, which airs on Amazon Prime Video.

The the first three episodes of second season of LOL: Who’s laughing is coming out! were broadcast April 1. An almost symbolic date for the program family entertainment or some celebrities finds himself trapped in a in the attic with no laughter each other jokes. Each participant plays for a association At his choice. Gerard Darmonlegendary actor, especially cult The city of fear 1994, is clearly the star of this new season.

The actor provokedfun his like-minded when he used his famous joker card. Explanation: This is a ongoing what each candidate has to do remove as many of his opponents as possible. Our national Gégé just organized stuffed animal parade which caused a tangible tension in the show set. All participants were on the outskirtslaughter erupted. “That was not my idea“Darmon tells the magazine.” Tele-Leisure.It was given to me, I found it not bad. I didn’t realize it was funny because it was a flop for me, no one laughed. Since then, everyone has been talking to me about it, so I’m starting to believe it was really good.“Saint Gege!

Grandpa Gégé resists.

Strengthens it 74 years oldmefierce humor and open necklace Gérard Darmon garden kartas. From his debut in cinema with Luisas de Funesas (The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob 1973) to the latest carton Family matters on Netflix.Passing The city of fear In the 90s Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra 2000 at the beginning of its new intervention in version 2.0 Burger Quiz… Darmon is somewhat similar to the French comedy Vito Corleone. Not surprisingly, this is a star LOL: Who’s laughing is coming out! 2 seasons. I’m sorry Eric and Ramzy.

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