GOBELINS, the world’s leading animation school

This year, 199 international schools and universities training in animation took part in the competition. This triple recognition at the highest levels in the field of animation rewards GOBELINS for:

Its programs of excellence internationally recognized
• Sound quality faculty
• Its active policy towards scholarships
Release level
Professional integration of its outgoing graduates

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GOBLINS who aprit 45, offers a full course in accordance with international standards: Bachelor of Arts in 3 years and the opportunity to pursue a Master of Arts degree for two years (target diploma); animation training course, one year of training for 3D character animators and a bachelor’s degree (to be opened in October 2022) in collaboration with CITIA Annecy, and a professional bachelor’s degree in audiovisual production management in collaboration with Gustav Eiffel University.
A thriving sector, GOBELINS animation training shows a … insertion speed close to 100%.
The graduates of the school had also won the most prestigious awards in animation: nomination OSCARS 2009 for Octapodic, Annie Awards 2019 for Best Friend and 2021 for La Bestia, LA Shorts 2019 for Ostrich Politics, and so on.

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