Golden Ball: Eden Azar decides between Karim Benzema and Tibo Kurt

The Belgian national footballer has given his favorite to the next Golden Ball and thinks he can find his best level.

With a victory over Liverpool in the Champions League on Saturday night, there is no doubt that the winner of the Golden Ball will be a Real Madrid player. And the big favorite is none other than Karim in Benzema, but other Merengues like Vinicius Jr. and Thibo Courtois are not unworthy. At a press conference with Belgium, Eden Azar presented his favorite for the next Golden Ball award between two of his Real Madrid teammates.

“Karim won by 99%”

“It simply came to our notice then. No photo. There is also Sadio Mane, Vinicius Junior, a lot of good players who had a great season, full and rich. But if we take everything into account, Karim won by 99%, even if we don’t know the votes. In any case, I count on him because he deserves it. “ admitted Real Madrid winger.

“I don’t think Tibo will win, but rather that he will be in the top five, the top ten. If he had played as well in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League as he did in the final against Liverpool. (May 1-0, 28), he would have been the Golden Ball. But we saw him less because he had less work in previous laps. Karim, we saw him in every match. His success in the League of Nations must not be forgotten either. (2021) ar French team. And in La Liga he was impressive. ” added the Belgian team.

Real Madrid: The fiery promise of Eden Azar

Eden Azar talked about the difficulties with the Real Madrid and did not intend to give up: “It’s hard. When I got there, my career was already very good. I was in great shape at the best club in the world. And it’s not been going well for three years. I’m a little sad, disappointed. I’m still lucky to be in a club that allows me to win, for example, this week There are a lot of bad things on a personal level, but not everything, I also met great people, I played with great players, even if it wasn’t long, I still have two years to go (contract). so I can play my game again. “

“Good years ahead of me”

“I’ve never wanted to go. I already know I can give a lot. If I can find my level. I wasn’t in the best position to fully express myself on the field. The club knows that. I’ve been telling them for two years that my plate is on my ankle. There were concerns about rehabilitation (after the first operation in the US where the plate was placed). Then prison. I’m not going to come back.added the Belgian international footballer.

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Azar the Eden, a return no one expected

“I’m sure I have another good year ahead of me. I just need to regain confidence on the field that I will do matches, training. To spend the whole season. I have no doubt it will be. Let’s see how my body reacts. I have discussed this with my family. I will have some new injuries in four months, I will be eliminated after the World Cup. I don’t know yet. “concluded Real Madrid’s winger.

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