Google is expanding the alert banner feature to include Google Docs, spreadsheets, and slides

There are thousands of suspicious files on the Internet that are distributed through links, email attachments, WhatsApp notifications and more. The user can access these files online and use them to access personal user information. This is why users should always be careful when opening links sent from unofficial or unreliable sources. To prevent the spread of malicious files, Google has expanded the use of warning banners to include all Google products.

Alert banners go to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides

Earlier this year, Google released warning banners for Google Drive users. These banners notify users of a potentially harmful file in Google Drive. This feature was released by Google in 2022. month of January. The company is now expanding it to other products, including Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides. Read on to learn more about the banner ads feature in Google products, its availability, and other details.

In an official release document, Google says that “you will continue to see these warnings if you open a Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Slides file on the web.” With this alert, Google refers to an alert banner that appears at the top of the screen stating that “this file appears suspicious and may be used to steal your personal information.” This feature will help users distance themselves from malicious files that are constantly circulating on the Internet.

Google also mentions that their function has no administrator control. From 2022 April 27 users will be able to access this feature within 15 days. So if consumers don’t see it right away, they shouldn’t have to worry and wait about 15 days. This feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers and legacy G Suit Basic and Business customers.

In related news, Google has introduced a new data security section for the Google Play Store Gadgets. The section provides information about the data that any application collects, what the developer does with the data, and whether the developer validates its security practices against a global safety standard. Follow news related to Google and other technology news.

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