Grand Show (France 2) with Jarry: New Saturday Entertainment TV news

Big show Jarry’s new show France 2: Extra entertainment on Saturday nights. What is a concept? Who are the first guests?

Jarry the new Patrick Sébastien on Saturday night with a big show? / Instagram jarity screenshot

France 2 launches great show new date with Jarry (he left TF1 to take on new challenges). The first 2 issues were filmed.
Jarry trusts a Parisian to be a fan of the big show: “I’ve been waiting my whole life to watch TV,” he told us when the light went out. It’s an app that showcases real people. »

The Great French Show 2 these are hidden cameras, behind-the-scenes events, on stage, and even outdoors, but also meetings and unexpected performances. We only find anonymous people who have often been trapped by their loved ones. Companions are often such celebrities as Anne Roumanoff, Amir or Pascal Obispo.

Jarry turns out to be a real show artistLe Parisien reveals that we find Laetitia Milot with her mother for issue 1 and Chantal Ladesou with 2 friends for issue 2.
The BBC Big Show is a real hit Michael McIntyre… has more than 7 million viewers.

Among the situations revealed on the France 2 Big show with Jarry:
– student singers filmed karaoke without their knowledge
– Anonymous on the street looking for acolytes to sing at the YMCA
– Jarry, who comes to the couple’s room in the middle of the night to eat sardines …

The press release of Le Big show de France 2 takes place in 2022. April 25 …. in other words, the broadcast is approaching 😉

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