Hamilton and Russell rely on their team to develop the car

Mercedes is currently the third force on the board. The always well-positioned German team takes full advantage of the opportunities available to it and has already climbed the podium twice in three races. Louis Hamilton and George Russell’s team are constantly working to improve the car. Which seems to delight both Brits.

“We are constantly developing the car. We all work hard. Every time I get in the car, I hope it goes faster.”, before the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix told the press the seven-time world champion. Despite the difficulties that have arisen since the first race of the season, Hamilton is still determined to: “I really enjoy being part of this team and looking for solutions to improve the car. There is always pressure on the results. And that’s exactly the kind of challenge I like. »

His teammate George Russell also thinks things are going in the right direction: “In terms of results, we showed the best results we could. We are constantly trying to introduce new things. We will continue to try to reduce the distance from the leaders and try to take advantage of the wet conditions this weekend. »said the current World Cup.

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