Haute-Saone. Planned solar park in Velleminfroy

The production of electricity by the sun is clearly advancing with the aim of carbon neutrality by 2050. Three creations of solar parks have been confirmed in the department. Others could see the light of day in 2025, away from a 3.5-acre village. If elected, they will approve the project presented by Urbasolar, one of the leaders in the implementation of this type of photovoltaic power plant.

inert landfill

Finally, it would provide 4,275 MWh for 2,000 people, for a lifespan of 30 years, with economic and tax benefits for the municipality.

Urbasolar’s business manager states that in this presentation of technical, financial and environmental aspects “nothing is trapped”. The identified site is said to have been “degraded” in the sense that here, in a place called “La Roche”, there is an old mine, a quarry and a closed inert landfill. Everything is taken into account: the installation of panels, conservation of existing, new plantations, the presence or absence of hives, grazing.

“Turnkey project”

When applying for a building permit, an environmental study and a public inquiry will be carried out before the prefectural approval. Installation work would take about 8 months to deliver, according to forecasts by the end of 2025. Everything is the responsibility of Urbasolar, which invests in studies and construction and then sells electricity; “turnkey project”.

€ 20,000 fee per year

It then offers the municipality a 30-year contract that would provide rent as operating costs (approximately € 20,000 / year). Collective funding of the partnership is envisaged, where individuals can invest 5% in 4 years.

Without hesitation

The consultants asked a lot of questions, especially the environmental aspect and also the future decommissioning. There was no discussion after the presentation. A company representative needs to give some additional clarifications to remove all the gray areas at this location, the time it is expected to install the ward hospital.

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Light on Urbasolar

Founded in 2006 and based in Montpellier, Urbasolar is a leader in photovoltaics in France. It consists of 350 employees and has a turnover of 223 million euros. Since 2019, the subsidiary of the international group Axpo continues to expand in Europe and around the world, the second in this sector after Engie and before Total Energies.

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