How City and Agglo ’from Lons-le-Saunier work on their appeal

Weighing the economic balance, taking advantage of the game of attraction while putting the Lédon Basin on the map are the goals of attractiveness. (© Archive Glas Jure)

This is the transverse position he occupies Marine Couturier from September 2021 (read below), within the city and agglomeration Lons-le-Saunier. A position that connects it with the political, economic, commercial, cultural and associative world, in order to develop the attractiveness of the territory.

Who is Marine Couturier?

The new director for attractiveness and quality of life, who arrived in September 2021, shares her position between the city of Lons-le-Saunier and the Espace Communautaire Lons Agglomeration (ECLA). Originally from Ain, the one who started studying land law in Bourg-en-Bress joined Juri 13 years ago and worked at the CCI. After working at the Comcom du Grand Dole, where she took care of economic development and the establishment of a trade office, she moved to the Made in Jura association, which she took care of between 2016 and 2021. “I have always been curious and recently wanted to do something else. I saw the job offer proposed by the City Council and Agglo ‘, and I applied because it was a big challenge that I wanted to accept. Coming from the economic world, this time I wanted to work on general attractiveness. »

“In close cooperation with political decision-makers, my aim is to encourage everyone to talk to each other in order to work in the general interest ; while taking a step back in order proposes a strategy for acts defined by elected officials, ”describes the new in detail director of attractiveness and quality of life, and to continue, “Ville and Agglo don’t need me for day-to-day business; but if they want to succeed in developmenthave a growing demographic curve and we succeed put the Ledon Basin on the map, that’s why I’m here, thanks to the strategic vision I bring. »

Because if Lons-le-Saunier and its agglomeration “want to avoid setbacks, with tax problems at stake”, the entities must be “ambitious and get out of the game. And it happens throughattract new businessfrom postgraduate studies but from limit vacancies. »

Be proactive in business

Attractiveness, which does not have the same definition between the city center and the peripheral municipalities of the agglomeration. “The approach is different, if only because of the skills of each one, which are not the same. Rural elected representatives of the surrounding municipalities are more pragmatic in terms of their attractiveness, which mainly affects the direct needs of their population. »

If for seven months Marine Couturier had already worked on a number of files, “such as e.g. renovation of the media library from Lons-le-Saunier, development of the summer cultural season “Summer will be Lons” – more tourist-oriented and more transversal between various leisure activities – or. trade development », Will soon count the director of attraction take a proactive approach to the economic world. “Today, our campaign is to help a company that wants to set up in the territory; the next step will be weigh on the scales and go directly to their approach to attracts them to us. »

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