How Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy 2000 Dress Invented Google Image Search

It was back in 2000 when Jennifer Lopez went out on the red carpet at the Grammy with her Versace dress in the jungle. That’s how Google Images really came into being, and here’s the proof. 2000 Google search results were just plain text pages, but since people started searching On the floor singerThat year, Google was forced to introduce this feature to everyone.

After Lopez was nominated for Best Dance Record We look forward to tonightshe appeared on the red carpet of the Grammy wearing a jungle green Versace dress with a neckline all the way down to her belly.

Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy 2000 dress was invented by Google Image Search

According to the New York Times, after Jennifer charmingly appeared on stage, her fans around the world just wanted to see her dress and the actor’s appearance on the red carpet. As of 2015 Eric Schmidt, former CEO and CEO of Google, wrote to Project Syndicate: “People wanted more than just text. This first became clear after 2000. Grammy Awards, where Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress that caught the world’s attention. He continued, “It was the most popular search query we’ve ever seen.” But we didn’t have a reliable way to get consumers to do exactly what they wanted: JLo wore that dress. Google Image Search was born.

“It wasn’t overnight, but Lopez was definitely a push”: Cathy Edwards

According to Cathy Edwards, director of engineering and products at Google Images, “It wasn’t overnight, but Lopez was really a push, and it’s true.” She also added: “It’s not either, and the next day we said,‘ Oh, we should build an image search engine! he added: “Everyone was there at the time: ‘Of course we need to build an image search engine, but they weren’t sure how much to prioritize it.’

She said that when Lopez’s Grammy dress received a lot of attention, Cathy said it became very important that it was important. She said: “People are still doing it. inquiries about “Jennifer Lopez Green Dress”, “Jennifer Lopez Jungle Pattern Dress”, “Jennifer Lopez Grammy Dress”, [that] a kind of thing ”.

20 years later, Cathy noted: “I think they knew that information is extremely powerful and that in this way the democratization, processing and usefulness of information will be powerful. However, I find it difficult to predict. the impact of search, the internet and Google on the world. I find it all a little surprising.

Image: Twitter / @loversinfilm

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