How the new Google News works

Google News is changing on your desktop (the version you can read on your computer) and is launching new features. The update has been launched worldwide in countries where Google News is available, in 125 different languages. Obviously, Italy is there too, and in fact everyone who enters the Google News page now finds an update notification.

The innovations in the Google News desktop version are the result of listening and collaborating with readers. These offers have been turned into two new features: local news at the top of the homepage, next to the main news, and personalized choices. Local news is becoming one of Google Kiosk’s key offerings, highlighting the need to build a close connection between the local digital press and readers. A step that was really missing and that is right for many journalists working in small editorial offices in the province, but who are always at the forefront when it comes to properly informing their readers.

Google News: More local news filters

As expected, the desktop version of Google News will allow you to configure new filters (city name or zip code) that will allow you to read news from local newspapers from several different locations.

This leads to a greater supply of information. Think of those expanding provinces that have many municipalities and need to consult a few local newspapers for facts about the region. Or simply for those who want to be aware of what’s going on in their old town. Or those who live in one place and work in another and have to read local news from both places.

Google News: Personalize your information

The personalization feature has been highlighted with a blue button in the Top right section of Your Topics. In this new section, you will be able to choose the categories that interest you, including news (Italy and the world), sports, entertainment, and more.

The desktop version now includes some sort of “stamp” that identifies the original statement and confirms that the fact was verified by independent fact reviewers.

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