How the weather adapts to the panic climate

Climate change has radically changed the way the weather report is delivered. The weather reporter, now an essential link between scientists and the public, no longer makes it rain and shine. It deciphers, warns, raises awareness… And stands out as a bulwark against climate-skeptic conspiracy theories.

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met remains six months, ten days, two hours, eleven minutes and 41 seconds before the comet enters the atmosphere and destroys all life on earth. Two scientists, backed by numbers, make a desperate cry to warn the world. Unfortunately, they will break through a wall of misinformation, denial, sarcasm from the media and political world, as well as from the general public. As well as the greed and incompetence of the President of the United States, broken in the case of a powerful technology company. don’t look up (“Don’t look up”), they are told. This is also the title of this dramatic comedy produced by Netflix in 2021 (with Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio) directly inspired by the climate crisis.

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