How to Add Shutdown and Restart Options to Context Menu in Windows 11

To say that the shutdown menu is one of the most used menus in Windows is like saying that the most pressed button is a touch button, which may seem strange.

But the truth is that it is because all or most users close Windows from this menu.

However, there are other ways to shut down a Windows PC, as we have the right to add a brand new shutdown and restart option to the desktop context menu.

This is a very little known option and we’ll explain it to you now so you can do it if you think it’s appropriate, as it can be useful for shutting down and restarting elsewhere.

Add shutdown and restart options to the context menu

To get the shutdown and restart menu from the desktop context menu in Windows 11, we need to change operating system logAnd that would mean that we make sure that everything we do is done right, because if it’s not, we can have problems.

Anyway, we’re not going to do this from Registry Editor, but we’re going to do it using . intended to be configured with registration script Where we will add a new shutdown and restart option to the Windows 11 desktop context menu.

You need to do the following:

  • click us start button from the taskbar.
  • Then click on the box where you can enter the text and the place (above) where you should put it memos,
  • When it appears, right-click and select run as administrator Alternatively, in the menu that appears at the bottom right of the application, click where you placed the same. This is already the taste of one house.
  • so we have to copy it script code Access it by highlighting its text and pressing Ctrl+C: (we can press Ctrl+V to copy the entire script).

Windows Registry Editor version 5.00

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Restart Computer]


“status” = “bottom”

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Shutdown Computer]


“status” = “bottom”

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Restart Computer\command]

@=»shutdown.exe -r -t 00 -f»

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Shutdown Computer\command]

@=»shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f»

  • we press the menu file, file then select Save as To open a normal file dialog.
  • Select Save As to open a normal file dialog.
  • Select from the drop-down menu and select Save as type All files,
  • we put the file name as disable the option
  • On the desktop, we select the location where we want to save it and click on the option save money,
  • Now double click on the file disable the option Which we just saved to desktop.
  • click Yes In the confirmation message that appears next to continue.
  • tap click Agree in the Registry Editor dialog box.
  • Now we are considering new options for shutting down and restarting the desktop or laptop in the context menu.
  • we press the shortcut key Shift+F10 (or right-click on the desktop and select show more options) to open the classic context menu.
  • Next, we will see how we can select the Shutdown PC or Restart PC options.
  • The new context menu option can be removed by deleting the keys added to the registration script.
  • now we start Registered Editor, By placing an area where you can type the same Start menu and click it to exit.
  • We open the shell registry key at this location: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell
  • So in the shell we have to select Restart PC and right click on the shutdown keys, Remover and then click Yes.

Adds similar options to the context menu, but with Winaro Tweaker

There is another method that we can use to display the Shutdown and Restart option on the desktop context menu.

we will use for that Vinero Tweaker One of the best free customization apps for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

This software will allow us to add a submenu to the context menu on the Windows desktop, which will contain four options.

Below are the steps we should follow:

  • First, download Winaero Tweaker to your computer.
  • will download zip archive Which we need to know where we saved it because we need to open it (, right click and select Delete all To show you a Windows 11 tool that can extract ZIP files.
  • Once we have the files, it’s time to click on Install Winero Tweaker- may find a newer version.
  • we press Following Until we reach the terms of the contract section. then click options I agree to You Following Continue.
  • We continue like this until the program finishes installing on our computer.
  • Now we need to launch Winaero Tweaker and configure it accordingly.
  • double click Context menu in the sidebar by Vinero Tweaker.
  • Scroll down and select Delete.
  • At that point we have to click on the checkbox Add shutdown to desktop context menu.
  • It’s ready, it’s that simple.

In the context menu we see a new shutdown and restart menu right click on the desktop and select show more options,

Then we move the cursor to the option Disable Vinero Tweaker And we will see how we can choose one of the four optional faculties that we are offered to close and restart.

if we choose alert option, a dialog box will appear prompting you to shut down or restart Windows in about a minute. It will take 15 seconds to cancel. To do this, we must press the Win + R keys to bring up the Run dialog, where we must type shutdown -A and click OK to cancel.

As you can see, the installation is simple, but it can be a little more confusing if we make a mistake and don’t want to turn it off in a minute. However, this is another way to get the context menu we talked about today.

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