Howard University’s Postgraduate Programs in Social Work, Education, and Business Programs rise to the top of the list of top graduate schools in the United States News and World Report 2023

Howard University College of Medicine retains first place in the ranking of the most diverse medical schools

WASHINGTON – Howard University’s postgraduate programs in social work, education and business have increased significantly on the annual national scale prepared by American News and World Report 2023 “Best Postgraduate Schools” quotation. The Howard University School of Social Work is listed no. 16is ranked School of Education (HUSOE). no. 71and business school is ranked no. 57 for your regular MBA program. Howard University College of Medicine is on the list of medical schools no. 1 for the most diverse medical school and no. 49 classification for Most graduates specialize in primary care.

“The rise in the scale of our graduate programs confirms the efforts of Howard University professors, staff and students who work tirelessly to maintain the highest standard of academic excellence,” he said. President Wayne AI Frederick, MD, MBA. “We are credited with the combined efforts of our campus community to strive to fulfill our mission of truth and service and to consistently provide Howard students with a unique and innovative program. Because of their job, our graduate students are leaving Howard’s campus, equipped with a wide range of skills and a deep sense of purpose, ready to influence their communities. ”

The Howard University School of Social Work it jumped nine places in the rankings this year no. 16. The school, rooted in social justice, offers interprofessional programming that increases students ’willingness to enter the field after graduation. In January, the School of Social Work launched the online MSW program, which increases accessibility and allows students to gain a top educational experience of the program virtually anywhere.

“Our founding dean, Dr. Inabel Burns Lindsay, has set out in Howard a social work program that will be respected and appropriate for the needs of African Americans and other marginalized and underdeveloped populations,” he said. Sandra Crewe, Ph.D., dean of the School of Social Work. “The fact that our equal institutions are highly ranked reflects our positive attitudes and our constant commitment to excellence and courage in tackling inequalities in our society. I am grateful to our professors, staff, graduates, students, colleagues and friends for recognizing and investing in our excellence. “

Howard University School of Education jumped 20 places no. 71. Ranking among the 30 percent of the best graduate schools in the country, School of Education has advanced its position in the world through continuous innovation in learning and self-evaluation of its various programs.

“The last two years of study have been full of challenges, resilience and victory,” he said Dawn Williams, Ph.D. Dean of the Pedagogical School. “The Faculty of Education was not only helpful to our students, but also to the wider educational community, as we managed the transitions and threats to the provision of culturally validating education. We have always been firmly committed to our mission to empower individuals, schools and communities by promoting racial and social justice. It is a great pleasure to know that our hard work has not gone unrecognized. ”

Howard University Business School has entered no. 57 for its regular MBA program, which is seven points higher than the previous year. The Business School and its award-winning programs were the first business school in Washington, DC to receive accreditation from the Association for the Advancement of University Business Schools. In addition to its full-time MBA program, the school has sought to expand its online offering with an online part-time MBA and two new specialized programs: the online Master of Accounting and the online Master of Finance.

“Howard Business School is proud that our ranking continues to rise among the best business programs in the country,” he said. Anthony K. Wilbon, Ph.D., dean of the Howard University School of Business. “Our students and professors have worked hard over the past year to maintain the standard of excellence, and I am delighted that our efforts are recognized and respected. We are constantly innovating the way we approach education, as evidenced by our growing online offer and we are excited about what the future holds. “

The Faculty of Medicine is included no. 1 for the most diverse medical schools for the X year in a row and jumped on no. 49 on the scale for the most graduates in primary health care specialties.

“Howard University College of Medicine has been providing students with high academic potential with medical education of outstanding quality for more than a century, thus preparing future doctors and scientists to serve the underprivileged,” he said. Hugh E. Mighty, Ph.D., Dean of Howard University College of Medicine and Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs. “We are delighted that many of our programs have recorded notable successes on this year’s American News and World Reports.

Since 1983, the US News and World Report has been the leading body in the ranking of educational institutions. Their rankings are often used in the decision-making process for those pursuing higher education. Howard’s leap on the scale reflects the success of the school’s mission to become a cutting-edge institution that generates important research. Howard continues to strive for excellence and make progress in educating transformational leaders and educators.

About Howard University

Founded in 1867, Howard University is a private research university made up of 14 schools and colleges. Students run more than 140 study programs leading to undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. The University operates with a commitment to excellence in truth and service and has produced one Schwarzman Fellow, three Marshall Fellows, four Rhodes Fellows, 12 Truman Fellows, 25 Pickering Fellows and more than 165 Fulbright recipients. Howard also produces several African American PhDs on campus. recipients than any other university in the United States. For more information on Howard University, visit

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