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In its 2022 report onThe state of the global workplace, published yesterday, the Gallup Institute concludes that 2021 has once again been a difficult year for the world of work in the 38 countries studied due to the pandemic. The report says there is plenty of room for drivers to ask the question “How can I create a thriving job for my employees today?“.

Good question, because, according to this study, French workers are the least invested in Europe. Their commitment is only 6% in 2021, one point less than in 2021 2020.

Of the 38 countries surveyed by Gallup, only Italy has a lower participation rate than France at 4%. The United Kingdom (9%) and Spain (9%) are also among the large European countries with commitments below 10%.

In Germany and the Netherlands, the participation rate is at least twice as high as in France, at 16% and 12% respectively.

Romania, a leading European country in terms of its workforce, has a commitment rate of 33%. Elsewhere in the world, the regions with the highest levels of employee involvement are the United States (33%), South Asia (27%) and South-East Asia (24%), which are almost five times higher than France.

Gallup research has consistently shown the importance of employee engagement for an organization’s success. Companies with high employee engagement show better productivity, better relationships with external customers, lower employee turnover and better profitability.

Hybrid work pays off

Citrix, meanwhile, published a study this week involving 900 business executives and 1,800 office workers in 8 countries, including France. It allows you to compare three organizational models: 100% telecommuting, 100% office and hybrid. According to all the observed criteria, the observation is clear: by directly changing different jobs, employees are the most complete and efficient.

  • 69% of hybrid workers feel productive, compared to 64% of full-time remote workers and 59% of office-only workers.

  • 69% of hybrid employees feel motivated / connected to their company, compared to 56% of full-time remote employees and 51% of office-only employees.

  • 73% of hybrid employees consider themselves efficient, compared to 69% and 65% of the other two types of employees, respectively.

  • 71% of hybrid employees believe that their team motivates them to achieve excellence at work, compared to 63% and 60% for other models respectively.

  • 70% feel connected to their company and their management team, compared to 60% and 58% respectively.

  • 70% of hybrid workers say they feel good at work, compared to 61% and 60% respectively.

  • 69% of hybrid employees are willing to recommend their company, compared to 60% and 56% respectively.

According to Citrix, these various observed factors prove that flexible models are best for both employees and their employers. They also recommend it 100% of the office seems to be the worst of the three employee experience models. Who are you telling!

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Imagining tomorrow’s work on mobility

My colleagues from Les Propulseurs will take you aboard the barge on 20 June from 17:00 to 21:00 in Paris for a reflection evening on the future of mobility.

In groups of three or four, you will face the evolution of mobility, the technologies and the societal challenges that need to be addressed. imagining the future professions of mobility.

If you can, take your computer with you. You will be offered a playful interface made of maps.

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Share capital

Social capital review

Creating a (rather) quarterly paper journal about work is a ridiculous challenge that Joseph Thouvenel and his like-minded people have just taken on. No crazy finances, no class struggle, man 1st edition title. A clear and consistent editorial line in line with the commitment of its founder, the CFTC’s trade union representative, to the Christian trade union, inspired by the social doctrine of the Church.

In each room Share capital, the economic and social issue will be addressed in depth. File No. 1 is dedicated to Sunday work. A topic that is very close to the founders, a few years ago at the beginning of the campaign, the French version Keep Sunday different.

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At the moment, everything seems to be going well, and he has started to give details of his entrepreneurial life in the video.

Benua Raphael

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