“I spend billions on vaccines to save millions of lives,” says Bill Gates




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The American billionaire was a guest on France 2 at 20:00 on Friday, responding to conspirators accusing him of fabricating a global Covid-19 pandemic.

Conspiracy theorists around the world accuse Bill Gates of fabricating the Covid-19 outbreak. “It’s very strange, I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve spent billions on vaccines to save millions of lives. Now they’ve completely reversed it by saying I make billions by killing people. It’s deterring people from using the vaccine, and that’s ours.” the best way to prevent deaths. “ explains the American multimillionaire, on Friday, May 6, in France’s 2 “20-hour” reception area.

What to say to people who have doubts about the Covid-19 vaccine? “If you look at those who die, they are people who have not been vaccinated. It is a miracle that has prevented millions of deaths.” answers Bill Gates. The American businessman also believes that the innovation of private companies behind vaccines has benefited everyone.

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