“I trust you to be closed”

It is not always easy to make friends, especially if you are competing in a game like Miss France with a crown on the game. Diāna Leira also trusted this topic in her Instagram account, explaining that failures are not all the best friends in the world …

For six months now, the beautiful Diana Leira has been proud to wear the famous Miss France 2022 scarf. Having become a public figure, she also encounters the statements of many Internet users who consider her cold and arrogant. However, Diana Leira does not lose her beautiful smile and continues on her way. The latter already has a project, all of which is scheduled for the beginning of the school year, as she will be the leader in the morning Virgin Radio.

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Diana Leira has a small circle of friends

Adventure Miss France is lived together, in fact the candidates lived together for many weeks and had time to build strong ties. On Instagram on June 28 this year, Diana Leira also made a beautiful statement to two of her friends that are dear to her. In her text Miss France 2022 admits that she has little difficulty in making new friends in her life.

I trust you to be closed. I like to say that I have a lot of guys / friends, but very few friends. I like to keep a small circle for myself.

Beautiful statement

However, she cherishes her relationship with her two young men Hanna Frikoneta and Julia Biva who also participated in the competition. Diana Leira explains to her subscribers how important it is to be right around.

During Miss France, you spend a month with 30 girls, and like at school, you can’t get along well with everyone, but sometimes you have the opportunity to meet people you feel familiar forever. When I met Hannie Frikonett and Julie Bev, I know that Miss France, with or without this adventure, was created as friends.

Words that will undoubtedly go right into the hearts of her two friends.

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