“I wish I could be a man,” says Chinese Zheng Qinwen as stomach cramps end the French open offer

Chinese woman Zheng Qinwen said that strong stomach cramps destroyed her hopes of ending Monday’s shocking victory at the French Open against world unit Ig Swiatek and left her the desire “I can be a man”. Zheng, who is only 19 years old and plays in her first Roland Garros, knocked out the first set with a top player and lost 6: 7 (5/7), 6: 0, 6: 2 in her last 16-year match. The world number 74 player needed a medical rest period at the beginning of the second set to restrain her injured right leg, but revealed that it was her least concern.

“It’s just a girl’s thing,” Zheng said of the menstrual pain.

“The first day is always so hard, then I have to play sports and the first day always hurts a lot.

“I couldn’t go against my character. I wish I could be a man so I wouldn’t have to suffer this. It’s hard.”

In the 82-minute opening set, Zheng saved five set-ups, had two of her own, and then fought her way back from 2/5 downstairs to stun the top.

It was the first set that Swiatek lost since April 23, when Liudmila Samson pulled her in the semifinals in Stuttgart.

As champion Roland Garros’s 2020 series looked in danger, Zheng demanded a medical rest period of 0: 3 in the second set for a leg injury.

Zheng, who defeated the 2018 champion Simona Halepov√° on the way to the fourth round, returned with her right thigh tightened and quickly dropped the second set.

In decision-making, Swiatek won a double break against a tiring opponent, whose physical problems contributed to 46 unforeseen mistakes.

“It made the foot harder,” Zheng added. “But compared to the stomach, it was easy. I can’t play tennis because my stomach was too painful.”

“I really do my best on the court, it’s hard.”

Swiatek extended her winning streak to 32 games, equaling the third best winning streak of the century set by Justine Henin 14 years ago.

“Zheng played amazing tennis,” Swiatek said after reaching the quarterfinals for the third year in a row.

“I was surprised by some of her blows, her top spin was amazing. Huge congratulations. I’m happy to be back after the frustrating first set when I led.


“I’m proud to be still in the tournament.”

Swiatek will meet the 11th-seeded American Jessica Pegula to advance to the semifinals.

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