Ikla what? Netflix’s Boss Baby Smartypants “speak” Maltese and even speak that language

The children’s show about the hidden world of babies and toddlers has just received a big injection of malt.

2017 In The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib, the actors star in various countries in the highly political 10-season series of the United Nations-inspired show. , “Sitting Ducks.”

“The team members are entrusted to the Captive with the intention of exposing them until Tina falls in love with her babysitter,” the episode concludes, but attentive Maltese viewers couldn’t help but notice that the characters were actually talking. Maltese throughout the episode.

In one scene, the characters try to find a peaceful solution to the problem and leave for one of the most neutral countries in the world – little Malta.

“If I learned one thing from my exemplary United Nations club, it is that any opposite nation can find common ground with a suitable neutral party to lead. And I? I am Malta, a constitutionally neutral country for 40 years, ”says Tabitha Templeton, one of the smarter actors.

“Couldn’t you have a role model for the UN like Switzerland? one of his friends shoots again.

“Cici Smuthers has already taken Switzerland, okay? Forgive me, ”Tabitha replies.

Later, when her plans come true, she enthusiastically says, “Yes! One less, Malta, you are on diplomatic fire!

It all ends when Tabitha even speaks Maltese and shouts “Ikla t-tajba!“Two more actors.

This is not the first time Malta has been recognized on Netflix, as it has been mentioned in everything from The Crown to Queen Of The South. We hope that with the huge streaming service we will start to hear more Maltese.

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