In the Jura period park, the famous private dinosaur skeleton was sold for 96.08 million.

UK-based auction company Christie’s has auctioned off a well-preserved dinosaur skeleton for a whopping $ 12.4 million. USD, approximately 96.08 million. 2012-2014 The skeleton unearthed in Wolf Canyon, Montana, USA, dates back 110 million. The fossil is said to have belonged Deinonychus antirrhopus and stands four feet tall and about ten feet from head to tail. Interestingly, prehistoric fossils were obtained almost twice as much as an estimated 4 to 6 million.

Christie’s sells the world’s only private dinosaur fossil

The world’s only private dinosaur fossil named Christie’s The Raptor is for auction. The private rare artifact again fell into the hands of an undisclosed private purchaser. It is noteworthy that the fossil was obtained almost twice as much as the auction company estimated at about 4-6 million. USD.

“This iconic predator really captivates a global audience and is one of the most famous dinosaurs,” James Hyslop, Christie’s specialist, told the Daily Mail. “A handful of recorded specimens and only two skeletons have been found in the museum’s collections, making the Raptor the most comprehensive known Deinonychus specimen and the only private specimen.”

This species of dinosaur is thought to have wandered the earth about 120 to 110 million years ago, even against the famous tyrannosaurus Rex. However, Deinonychus antirrhopus also became popular and popular due to the success of the Jurassic Park series. Dinosaurs of this type first appeared in 1993. in the movie, but their names were changed to velociraptor, a minor relative of Deinonychus, the Daily Mail reported.

More about Deinonychus antirrhopus

According to the UK Museum of Natural History, Deinonychus was about three meters long and weighed an average of about 75 kilograms. They were found mainly in the United States and were vertebrate and plant-eating dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were known as top predators because they had terrible front claws that they used to tear their prey.

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