In the news, Valentino Rossi is becoming virtual with the VR46 Metaverse

Valentino Rossi, together with media holding The Hundred, is marking a new phase in the development of the VR46, which aims to provide innovative content and an immersive virtual experience for motorsport fans around the world.

JThe winner walks nine times online3, creating a company dedicated to creating and creating unique VR46 branded content for Metaverse, the world of games and NFT. (Irreplaceable tokens).

VR46 Metaverse was born out of a joint venture with The Hundred, an Italian media holding company that will contribute its expertise in the sector to create a virtual experience for Valentino Rossi fans around the world, as well as motorsport fans. and video players in general. . The joint venture that led to the VR46 Metaverse was promoted by Nicola Volpi, a major investor in The Hundred.

Entering this sector is a very stimulating adventure that I have decided to pursue systematically with high-level partners,Valentino Rossi mentioned. “I’m excited to reach out to fans around the world, giving them the atmosphere and excitement of the VR46 through new technology. I think this project is a very important step for the brand.

The project includes a multi-year plan that will continually improve the content of Metaverses and ensure continued support for years to come. The goal of the VR46 Metaverse is to recreate a global platform for the Doctor, the VR46 Racing Team, and the Academy in permanent virtual worlds. Yellow people and motorsport fans will be able to experience their virtual entertainment by meeting drivers, interacting with other users and even competing with each other.

Jean-Claude GhinozziVR46 Metaverse CEO and partner at The Hundred commented:I am delighted to be developing this project, which for the first time will include such an international icon as Valentino Rossi, and I am sure he will be able to change this world, as he has already done with the motorcycle. .“Ghinozzia will lead the joint venture between VR46 and The Hundred, playing a key role in creating content and involving international partners.

The first content created by the new company is expected from 2022. and he will be able to immediately engage and actively engage both historic Valentino Rossi fans and the new audience created by the growth of these new technologies. According to Gartner analysts, by 2025 25% of the world’s population will spend at least an hour a day in Metaverse. to explore new hobbies and new social, leisure, educational and shopping opportunities.

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