Intel Introduces Blockscale ASIC for Powerful, Energy-Efficient Mining Solution

Intel has introduced a new Blockscale ASIC for job verification algorithms compatible with ASIC-based systems and the SHA-256 hash. This technology will provide the energy efficiency and computing power needed to achieve scalability and sustainability. Read on to learn more about the Intel Blockscale ASIC and its new features.

With the release of new Intel Blockscale technology, Balaji Kanigicherla, Intel’s vice president, says the blockchain rate continues to grow. It is a decentralized and distributed computing tool that provides space for innovative business models. ” In addition, Kanigicherla says that “to strengthen this new computing era, Intel is providing solutions that can offer the optimal balance between hash bandwidth and energy efficiency, regardless of the customer’s operating environment.”

New features in Intel Blockscale ASIC

  • Special Secure Hash Algorithm-256 (SHA-256) ASIC processor.
  • Operating hash speeds of up to 580 GH / s and energy efficiency of up to 26 J / TH.
  • Chip temperature and voltage sensing capabilities.
  • Support for up to 256 integrated circuits in a single circuit.
  • Rely on a hardware design and software package to get your client system up and running quickly.

Most importantly, Intel says it will be able to supply these chips without compromising its processor and GPU supply. Intel recently released a 12th-generation Core processor to power desktops and laptops, followed by an Intel Arc graphics card for laptops. The company also says shipment will begin in 2022. in the third quarter.

Earlier this year, Intel also released a blockchain accelerator chip

2022 February. Intel has released efficient blockchain accelerator chips. The core idea of ​​Intel’s blockchain accelerator is to create scalable and sustainable solutions for those who encounter blockchain technology on a daily basis. In fact, some block circuits require a lot of computing power, which in turn requires power. So Intel’s blockchain accelerators will be energy-efficient computing solutions that miners could use as an alternative to the chips currently in use.

Intel also mentions that the blockchain accelerator will be introduced later this year. The first customers of the new product are Argo Blockchain, BLOCK and GRIID Infrastructure. Intel hopes its chain innovation will deliver a product with more than 1,000 times the performance per watt of conventional GPUs for SHA-256 mining. The company will also explain more about its block accelerator technology at an international solid-state chain conference later this month.

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