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A few months ago, Tony Parker began his podcast series by the House Spotifyin which he invites many close friends to talk about something other than basketball. Among Damascus, Teddy Riner, Lena Situation, Terry Henry or even Boris Diana, the French basketball GOAT continues discussions about life in general. An event of the day on his birthday to make it all happen.

Let’s say we have seen and knew everything with TP.

His career in the French team, his career in the Spurs, his career in music, his career as a manager, we were able to follow everything very closely when we talked about Tony, because there was no shortage of content. Documentaries, TV series, radio appearances, articles, magazines, television shows and so on, Parker has become the most famous name in France when it comes to basketball. But then why create your own podcast? And what can Tony and his guests tell us while sitting at the microphone? This is exactly the whole story of this series, in which we can find both the former leader of San Antonio and his side blows.

For this great event, Tony’s 40th birthday, we wanted to offer you an exchange that took place between Parker and your landlord shortly after the launch of his show.


Hi, Tony. We had the opportunity to follow your entire career with reports, interviews, content, we had it in every way. My first question is: what hasn’t been told about you yet, what can you tell us about this podcast series?

I think I can go into some topics, so to speak. These are discussions and conversations where you open up a little more, and it works in this format, namely the podcast format. I have quite a few friends and family who have told me, “Oh, I didn’t think you would go that deep into certain subjects! So it was a different way to tell your experience.

Basketball fans and basketball players in general will definitely have a part to expect from basketball content … but that’s not what you want to highlight, if I understood correctly?

No, we’re not talking too much about basketball in this podcast. We talk more about life in general, about mental health. We are talking about how to deal with certain situations, how to deal with ups and downs. We are talking about the family, we are talking about children, we are talking about how to be a parent … It is true that we do not talk too much about sport, even if this topic sometimes appears in the negotiations, it is not the goal. of these pods.

When we last met, you talked about two people who played an important role in preparing you for your post-career: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Can you tell me what advice they gave you?

The most important piece of Magic advice was to answer the phone to communicate during his career. Because when you retire, people no longer call or answer you on the phone. So he advised me to take the time and take this opportunity in my career to talk to and access anyone. It was important for me to use it, and that’s why the greatest advice Magic has given me.

So I have some questions for you, but in a slightly different format. In fact, I’d like to ask you a few things, but you need to know that I’m a 7-year-old. So in answering, you will have to consider it! Are you ready

Let’s go.

Tony, I don’t understand why French basketball looks sick?

(laughs) We still have a long way to go to French basketball. Do I have to answer for a 7 year old?


You want to bring me into trouble.

Not too much! If you want, you can even use a joker.

In my opinion, the most important thing is that we are a sporty nation. And that in France we continue to include sport in school. Let’s realize that it’s important to play sports. And if we are a sporting nation, of course sport will be shown on television. And it’s not just basketball, there are other sports that deserve to be promoted.

Tony, I don’t understand the difference between radio and podcasting.

Well the radio is live, you’re talking about what’s going on right now, you’re talking about the news. Because you can go into the podcast, you can talk about any topic, and it usually takes longer because the podcast can last as long as you want. The radio for you will definitely be limited in time.

Tony, I don’t understand, I typed your name Spotify with a friend and went to a rap album?

Yes it is normal. At a time when I was young and wanted to do something different, I am a curious person who likes to take on challenges. So I created this album at the time.

Tony, I don’t understand why you played with France when you have an American dad, a Dutch mom and you were born in Belgium?

That’s because I grew up in France. And so when I was 14, the French Basketball Federation asked me if I wanted to get French citizenship to play for the French national team. As Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States did not call me, I joined France.

Tony, my uncle one day at the table, told me that the greatest happiness that exists on Earth is to beat the Spaniards in basketball, is that true?

In my opinion, the greatest happiness would have been to beat the United States. But Spain is not that far away.

Tony, a friend at school, told me you weren’t one of the 75 best players in NBA history when TrashTalk put you in it … but why aren’t you?

Well I do not know. That is a very good question. But in any case, personally, I think I prefer my career to the careers of some of the Top 75 players. The most important thing for me was to win titles, it was to mark my sports history, and I think it is. what we managed to do with Spurs.

Tony, do you remember where you were when you found out about your boyfriend Kobi?

I was in San Antonio. And it’s true that it was a very difficult time for me and for the basketball world. The world as a whole, because it had a real impact on the whole world. And it’s never nice to hear that news.

Tony, was basketball better before or is it better now?

For me, these are two different things, they are not comparable. It’s part of evolution, everything in life is evolving and basketball is evolving. Basketball today is not the same as when I played, but I personally like both.

Tony, my brother says the best is Lebron, and my dad says the best is Jordan, but I don’t know who’s the best.

It’s Jordan for me.

Finally, Tony, do you promise me to kiss the old gentleman with the white hair that trained you in San Antonio when you see him again?

Oh, you’ve already seen it, you know what it is …

If you had to summarize your thoughts in a report on this podcast, what would you say?

I would just say that I would like to inspire the next generation.


Interested? Curious? You know where to go. Direction Spotify listen to the first episodes of Tony Parker’s show with great guests and some beautiful moments of intimacy. In anticipation of new stories that will definitely be brought by TP’s ongoing post-career.

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