iOS 16: Apple CarPlay will change the interior of our cars

News hardware iOS 16: Apple CarPlay will change the interior of our cars

Among all the announcements made yesterday through Apple’s WWDC, one that has gone unnoticed and had little impact on Wow is the introduction of the new CarPlay, which is likely to change the world deeply. attitudes towards our driving and perception of our path.

In the absence of an electric car, Apple is introducing a full upgrade to CarPlay

Even if we had no illusions on the subject, deep in our hearts we couldn’t help but dream of the insane surprise emanating from nowhere, Tim Cook, lurking at the wheel of the future (?) Apple Car, the Apple Glass. on the face.

After all, even if Apple wasn’t stingy about messaging, it’s not a VR, not a standalone car, but a complete repair of the CarPlay Assistant to keep in touch with Tesla and Google, which offer a special system and the new Android, respectively. Automotive. for all new generation cars.

The simple display of the screen is gone, as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have done so far (the end of which has just been confirmed by Google), giving way to real integrated systems that would have been hard to imagine in a car from a gentleman or a lady. a few years ago. When we see the first images of the new Apple CarPlay, we’re a little bit into the future, and it’s really nice.

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Get out of the car assistant, close the place for informational entertainment

Driving connected, as we’ve been for ten years, by plugging your smartphone into a USB port so you can transfer the screen in your car, take advantage of Google Maps or Apple Maps, access your music or messages, it’s a long story. . We are now talking about TeslaOS, Android Automotive and another version of Apple CarPlay integrated into iOS 16.Information entertainment (informational entertainment in English).

The principle is quite simple and easy to understand after breaking down the name, it is a fact of both information and entertainment offer. In a sense, the 3.0 driving experience.

iOS 16: Apple CarPlay will change the interior of our cars

Until now, CarPlay or Android Auto has been augmented with the car manufacturer’s integrated system onboard. Now with Android Automotive or another CarPlay, the goal is to work with manufacturers to offer a global system that allows you to manage much more this time around.

Air conditioning control, cruise control, GPS, multi-screen control (a photo with a fully digital dashboard is pretty crazy) or even autopilot for future autonomous cars should look like this when driving tomorrow. And if Tesla or Google had made some progress in this area, Apple was going to catch up fast and had already announced a number of partnerships with Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan, Ford “,” Audi “,” Jaguar “,” Volvo “,” Honda “,” Renault “and others. .

iOS 16: Apple CarPlay will change the interior of our cars

However, we will have to wait a little longer to see it all with our astonished eyes, and the first compatible vehicles should be announced in 2023. at the beginning of the year, so that the factories leave in 2023 at best. at the end … The new version of Apple CarPlay will be available to anyone with iOS 16 this fall.

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