IPCC warns of climate? So it is necessary to “delete Giec”


Hollow promises drag the planet towards a devastating 3 ° C warming, but the world still has a chance to escape the worst, the IPCC warned in a report released Monday. To reverse the trend, scientists recommend a radical overhaul of the economy and the introduction of emission limits within three years from the detoxification of fossil fuels. Rodho, a press cartoonist, is responding to the news.

“It’s now or never”: the words were used by Jim Skea, co-chair of the IPCC group, who produced a nearly 3,000-page climate report published on Monday, April 4th.

Without a “rapid, radical and most immediate” reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors in less than three years, it will not be possible to limit global warming to + 1.5 ° C // compared to pre-industrial times or even. at + 2 ° C, warn scientific experts.

“Some heads of government and business say one thing but do another. Simply put, they are lying,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutherre, calling this new “convincing” IPCC report.

Press cartoonist Rodho decided to illustrate this news by depicting three people in black suits who should represent world leaders. “Only three years left to save a habitable world! It says the IPCC!” Exclaims first. “What do we have to do !?” asks the second. The third, a cigar in his mouth, replies: ‘Abolish the IPCC!’, As if to symbolize a reaction to scientific experts condemning inaction in a global warming environment.

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