IPhone users in North India receive temperature alerts; Read on to find out why

While Apple devices have some of the best and highest quality features, there is a chance that consumers will not be able to enjoy them in a warm environment. Apple has implemented advanced temperature monitoring mechanisms in its iOS and iPad devices that regulate the temperature inside the chassis and maintain optimal levels of battery efficiency and performance. However, in the last few months, the average temperature in northern India, especially in the regions near the capital New Delhi, has been close to 40 degrees Celsius, causing some problems for consumers.

First, let’s see why the Apple device is warming up. Apple’s official website says that under certain circumstances, users may notice that their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is getting hot. That includes:

  • Setting up the device for the first time
  • Backup restore
  • Charge the device wirelessly
  • Use of applications, games, or features that require a lot of graphics or CPU
  • Broadcasting high quality videos

The company emphasizes that these conditions are normal and that the temperature of the Apple device will return to normal when the user completes any of the tasks. However, if users perform any of these tasks in a warm environment, the Apple device may display a temperature warning, which means that the device’s internal components, including the battery and processor, are running too warm.

Problems with your iPhone? The reason may be the prevailing temperature

This is happening in northern India, where the average daily temperature has been above 40 degrees for the past few days. It is worth mentioning that this is outside the recommended temperature range (0 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius) for use on iOS and iPadOS devices. When the temperature inside iPhone exceeds a certain threshold, iOS and iPadOS devices are equipped with protective mechanisms to prevent the temperature from rising further and conserving battery power.

Here’s what can happen when the iPhone is too warm:

  • Wired and wireless charging slows down or stops completely
  • The screen brightness decreases or the screen turns completely black
  • The camera flash is temporarily off
  • The performance of graphics-intensive applications, such as games, decreases
  • IPhone or iPad can limit charging to 80 percent.

To avoid this, consumers should take care of the following:

  • Do not leave their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the car on a warm sunny day
  • Do not use their iPhone in direct sunlight or near a heat source
  • Avoid using certain features such as GPS tracking, playing video games such as BGMI, or using the camera to record 4K videos

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