It is a strategy to connect the most remote rural areas of Colombia with the Internet and 4G mobile technology

While digital transformation is moving forward in Colombia, Large gaps, especially in rural areasIsolated and hard to reach, the telco’s sustainability strategy, Claro Por Colombia, took on the challenge of connecting more Colombians to 4G technology and creating growth opportunities in three areas: access, coverage and digital ecology. Mechanism and social inclusion.

According to María Consuelo Castro, manager of Claro in Colombia, technology is a powerful tool to change lives. The communities of the Departments of Santander and Norte de Santander have recently benefited from this major undertaking.

In the first, there are 21,411 students, of which more than 1,500 are emigrants of Venezuelan origin; 1,132 are recognized as victims or have experienced some form of forced displacement, and 326 are disabled, today they can access the technology rooms of some educational institutions (ie) Bucaramanga, Piedequesta, Girón, Floridablanca and Barrancabermeza for free. Yes, thanks for the initiative affiliated schools,

Their goal is to bring free internet to a new school across the country every week. Castro specifies thatConnected schools have enabled thousands of students to access learning materials, Virtual and free to enhance your skills and knowledge. We want to strengthen their educational processes in the context of social and digital transformation, ensuring that they have access to connectivity.,

Claro por Colombia added 340 new locations in more than 23 departments across the country. , Photo: Milena Bernal

In Barrancabermeja, Blanca Duran de Padilla EI is also participating in Claro’s Connected Schools Challenge for Colombia. This means that each week, students identify environmental and social problems in their academic community and propose solutions from and based on technology. sustainable development goals – ODS.

In the case of Norte de Santander, Escuelas Conectadas helped more than 6,600 students from Cúcuta educational institutions, of which 940 are migrants of Venezuelan origin and 568 have experienced or experienced forced displacement.

Making connections and digital appropriation

This is an alliance with which Claro Banco aims to expand access possibilities together with BBVA and Fundalectura. As a result, in 2022 in the first quarter, 20 computers were installed in the computer labs, so that more students and teachers have teaching tools to strengthen digital skills.

For example, in Norte de Santander, Creando Conexiones used IE San Francisco de Sales to provide 20 computers for a computer room and with Teaching teachers to promote student readingStarting in August, IE Nuestra Senora de Fátima and Divina Pastora will also receive a supply of tablets and teacher training programs.

Added to all of the above is the impact of Claro’s volunteer network in Colombia, which contributes to Digital Mastery and Digital Skills Development The number of children and adolescents participating in digital literacy classes and the recommendation to use the free virtual platforms of the Carlos Slim Foundation. In addition to Prerna and Prerna classes in coordination with Inspiring Girls Foundation for girl students of classes IX, X and XI.

Extension of coverage

The aim is for 4G mobile communication technology to reach more municipalities and rural areas. In this way, its residents can for the first time use new and greater digital opportunities for study, work, entrepreneurship, commerce, health and online entertainment.

In Santander, 6,000 residents from 16 rural towns in the municipalities of Sabana de Torres, Puente Nacional, Puerto Vilches, Simitara, El Playón, Onzaga and Carcassi now have more access to their mobile phones and at higher speeds. There is mobile internet. ,

In the next five years, Claro will add 36 more rural towns to the department, which will have a positive impact on approximately 17,882 people. Municipal corporation offices will also be part of this effort. There are already 87 such people with 4G coverage.

Similarly, Claro reached Barrancabarmeza, Bucaramanga, Floridablanca, Girón, PiedeQuesta and San Gil, with 387,765 homes and businesses accessing high-speed Internet, as well as television and landline.

In Norte de Santander, 2,300 rural residents of the municipalities of Cucuta and Tibo benefited. In the coming year, Claro will add 43 more rural towns to this chapter, positively impacting over 13,858 people. Eventually, the company extends fiber to Cucuta, Villa del Rosario and Los Patios, benefiting approximately 200,000 homes and businesses.

Digital ecosystem and social inclusion

Platforms created by the Carlos Slim Foundation: Through Capacítate para el Empleo, and PruébaT, Santandereans and North Santandereans can access a variety of virtual and free content, from early education to additional training for employment and entrepreneurship.

In Santander, for example, more than 34,000 people strengthened their skills and knowledge through Capacítate para el Empleo. In Norte de Santander, there are about 3,500 people who have accessed content; And more than 16,154 strengthened their skills and knowledge through on-the-job training, of which 9,626 are in Cucuta, 1,001 in the municipality of Los Patios and 972 in Pamplona.

*Materials produced in collaboration with Claro Colombia

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