“It was too early to leave PSG for free”

After a press conference and waiting for TF1 news tonight, Kylian Mbappé trusted several French media outlets, including Le Parisien. A chance for him to slip into some new well-felt blows.

Kylian Mbappé’s communication is in full swing. After the announcement in the park, announcements on the official website, his press releases on social media, followed by his day-long press conference with Naser Al-Khelaifi (here the best excerpts), the PSG attacker entrusted several print media. , including Parisian.

“I didn’t say no to ‘Real,’ I said yes to France and PSG.”

And PSG number 7 had this beautiful declaration that undoubtedly worked at the top: “I didn’t say no to Real Madrid. I said yes to France and PSG. I was called from my homeland and the capital. It was too early to leave for free.”he gossiped.

After he was resumed, given the duration of his new contract (three years) and the fact that it left him with a possible transition after two years, Mbappé replied: “No … But, of course, think about it. You have to analyze all the parameters. Don’t contract too short. Don’t make fun of the world. That’s good. Not too short or too long. I have time to invest in the project.”

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