Jamie Kerera is interested in Erling Haland’s move to Man City and says Darwin Nuness is refreshing Liverpool’s top three | Football News Sky News

Jamie Kerager says he’s interested in how Erling Haland will fit into Pep Guard’s Manchester City, but thinks the attacker’s coming to the Premier League is “fantastic.”

The £ 51 million leader in Borussia, Dortmund, has scored 86 goals in 89 games and will be an exciting addition to the Premier League champions after 2021/2222. will spend the season without an absolute 9th place.

Sky Sports expert Karacher says the Norwegian national football player could make a difference in the big games at Man City, but the key will be how he fits into the team’s style of play.

“It’s a concern for the rest of the Premier League,” Kerager said with a smile.

“We’re talking about one of the best in the world, even at such a young age, but I don’t think anyone should raise their white flag too quickly, because the way he joins the team will be really interesting.

Pep Guardsola has not really used the center striker for the last two years and has always been very successful.

“So it will be really interesting to see how he will live, but from the Premier League perspective, I think it is fantastic that one of the best players in the world is joining our league right now.

“It doesn’t always happen, of course, in his youth, and many of his best years will be in the Premier League.

“So it will be very exciting for everyone to watch, but obviously it will be a tough offer when trying to stop in Manchester City.”

Karacher says that these question marks about Haland’s ability to fit into the city’s elegant style mean that his signing does not guarantee a team title.

“Now they have so many players who don’t play in the middle. They hold the ball so well and control the game so well. Maybe they’ll lose some of it,” he said.

“So I don’t think that’s a predetermined conclusion, which means City will win everything.

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England and Tottenham striker Harry Keyn says the City of Manchester have signed with Erling Holland and the imminent addition of Darwin Nunes to Liverpool will help him improve as he fights for the Premier League gold boot.

“They have a great team and a great manager, and I really don’t think Haland’s arrival will change much in terms of the number of points they earn. In any case, they’re still earning points in the mid-90s, which is a remarkable feat.

“Probably he was attracted only to make a difference in the games in which they simply failed, perhaps more in the Champions League than in the Premier League.

“He will change, he will have to learn a lot, he will be a new player. He will learn from one of the best coaches in world football. He will bring things into his game.

“But he must also remember not to change too much. He is who he is. Strong, his pace, the goal scored …

“It intrigues me how he fits in with Pep Guard’s style, which is a little slower and more technical than the full football seen in the Bundesliga.”

“Liverpool needs to refresh front line”

Benfica player Darwin Nunez, center, celebrates after scoring against Liverpool.

Meanwhile, City’s rival Liverpool has reached an agreement with Benfica to sign up to £ 85m for striker Darwin Nunez.

Sadio Mané appears to be leaving the club, and although Carager says he is sad to see Liverpool’s three-man Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino disbanded, he believes the refreshment provided by Nunes’ arrival and January contract with Luis Diaz , was necesary.

“Liverpool, led by Jürgen Klopp, usually gets the right line – up, of course, when they spend a lot of money, and the numbers we’re talking about here are what they spent on the goalkeeper. [Alisson] and [Virgil] van Dick and they made a huge difference, ”said Carager.

“Liverpool needs a front – line refreshment because of the age of these three, who have been absolutely fantastic with Liverpool for the last four or five years.

“It is sad to see that it has been broken in some ways, but it had to end sooner or later.

“Because Sadio Mane was ready to move forward, Liverpool had to do something, and they identified it.

“I think Liverpool’s top three at the start of next season will be Salah, Nuness and Diaz on the left.”

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