Jarry opens up about his relationship with Blaise, the champion eliminated from Everybody Wants to Take Their Place.

It ended for Blaise, the champion Everyone wants to take their place about France 2. Not far Tele-Leisuregame host Jarry talks about his connections with the candidate.

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Surprise Everyone wants to take their place ! This Thursday, January 11 Blaise is the champion of the France 2 game was eliminated by his rival Pascal after 77 games and €67,000 in winnings despite a close match. The Toulouse teacher-researcher is classified as follows: 14th Best Entertainer and the greatest champion of the Jarry era, host since last August. One who excelled in fiction Pumps are next to it admitted during the interview that he was especially afraid of this moment Tele-Leisure. “I got the impression that he's on the show today, so it's very difficult to imagine him leaving, especially because he's someone I get on well with and have fun with, it worries me.” he revealed.

“We write to each other regularly” : Jarry is still close to Blaise (TLMVPSP) after its removal

During this interview, Jarry was full of praise for Blaise, who was still in the race. In person he is charming, He knows a lot of things.” He told us, before highlighting the many things they have in common, such as the fact that they are both parents to two children. During the broadcasts, a strong bond developed between the two men. During one act, the presenter even surprised him by bringing his wife as a participant. “Today he is a friend, we write to each other regularlynot daily, but every two or three days, and we check in with each other. – explains the actor.

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“I found a very nice person” : Blaise removed from Everyone wants to take their placeconsiders his friendship with Jarry

The comments were confirmed by Blaise during our interview after his elimination. “During the broadcasts, we had the opportunity to have more personal exchanges with Jarry and I found a very nice person– he explains. He also intends to stay in touch with the host, who has had the role of big brother throughout his time in the game. So, someone who already has an idea of ​​​​what he is going to win is caused by his current relationship with Laurence Boccolini's replacement:We text each other regularly and promised to meet again soon“.

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