Jason Momoa annoys his character in Fast and Furious 10; “He is angry and misunderstood”

The Fast and Furious franchise expands its ensemble, with Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has confirmed he will star in the penultimate saga film. Although many details about its character have yet to be revealed, it is reported that Momoa will take on the role of antagonist. In a recent conversation with IRMomoa poured out his character, mentioning that he was “wonderful and incomprehensible.”

He also talked about sharing screen space with Charlize Theron, who she considered “amazing.” Fast and Furious 10which will be launched later this month, the newcomer will also be rapper Cardi B, and Vinas Diesel will play his role again.

Jason Momoa pours out his character Fast and Furious 10

Speaking of his character Ambulance At a recent premiere in Los Angeles, Momoa said, “He’s amazing. He’s crushed. He’s not understood.” Speaking about the film’s star actors, with a special focus on Charlize Theron, Momoa said: “I have to film with really cool people I’ve never been to – I work with Charlize. [Theron] at first, which makes me very happy, ”and added,“ She’s amazing. ”

He continued, “Then I have to go to some great places. Obviously, work with the whole actor – most of the actors.” He also expressed excitement about working with Vin Diesel, promising fans a number of action-packed scenes.

The film is set to be released next year and production has already been delayed. In a previous conversation with Comic bookDiesel said: “The target release date for the first film is 02/23 and for the second is 02/24. We had to release this film last year, before the pandemic. So I think what makes this release different The fact that we have been keeping Fast 10 for development and pre-production for a year now.

Meanwhile, Jason Momoa is also getting ready Aquamarine and the Lost Kingdomreleased in 2023 March 17


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