Jean Castes “South Africa has social progress but no goal to stay there”: political news on 21 March

Jordan Bardella (RN) writes to Gerald Darmanin about attacks on far-right activists

In a letter dated Monday, the acting president of the national rally, Jordan Bardella, is asking Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to react to the attacks of his party activists in the same way as Eric Zemmor. “This escalation must stop just before the tragedy. The state must address all those who do not allow the free expression of political views in our country.adds MEP.

The far-right official is talking about activists “targeted” Hajer, Copper, with “people destroyed their car windows during a collage”in Vaucluse, “Elected officials and supporters who arrived to meet Merina Lepena’s campaign bus were physically attacked”.

On Friday night, Stanislass Rīgaults, the leader of the Z generation, as well as the Reconquest of Eric Zemmora’s party, were widely insulted on the outskirts of the Metz candidate’s meeting! representative. videos they shared on social media.

Two men between the ages of 24 and 26 were charged with Evia (Esonna) on Sunday after they sprayed petrol pro-Zemmora activists on Friday without causing any injuries. In the composition that will be entered in their record, they must pay compensation to the victims and complete the citizenship course.

Eric Zemmor had condemned in a press release a “Full complacency in the world of politics and media” regarding these attacks and asked “oppress the state”. “This extreme laxity is a real call to relapse”he tweeted on Monday.

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