Jeremy and Brooklyn Carty’s recently released “Camel” is a fascinating tale that expresses the importance of the world’s non-technological cognition | knowledge

Christian Camith’s author Jeremy and Brooklyn Carty’s The Room is a vivid narrative that examines the limitations faced by many in the digital world as the beauty of the real world passes.

MEADVILLE, Pa., 2022 May 6 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The Room: A fascinating tale of adventure and the wonderful creation of God. The Nook is the work of published authors Jeremy and Brooklyn Carty, a loving father and daughter duo. Jeremy works as a firefighter and had the opportunity to serve United States Air Force Reserves over the last ten years. Brooklynan elementary school student, has a passion for softball.

Jeremy and Brooklyn Carty share: “Maya is getting ready to go on a trip with her parents, which, in her eyes, seems frivolous and boring. But she lacks what her parents see, which she can’t see. Take a boat ride. and her parents Dublin, Irelandto Paris, France, for one spectacular adventure. If you’ve ever felt technology swallow your loved ones, then this adventure will give you a chance to reconnect with the world and how beautiful it is. The Nook is a magical garden where you can look at the world and bring it back to life with love and deep gratitude for all that is in it. We all have places like a nook to share with our kids, and that’s exactly what Bryan and Bella did for their daughter. There was a special place in their hearts that reunited them with the world, and they wanted their daughter to have that magic in their lives as well, so her phone wouldn’t stop her from discovering all the beauty this world has to offer. If some of your favorite places are waterfalls, fly on a plane New York, or a trip to your favorite beach, it’s important to let our kids discover the joy in this world and create their magic based on what we show them. Now be ready for the magic your children, nephews, granddaughter or friend’s children will find when they enter the garden and read Kkampel.

Jeremy and Brooklyn Carty’s new book, published by Christian Faith Publishing, conveys an important message about the world.

By balancing an important life lesson with a fun adventure, readers will discover the message of the beauty of the world in the pages of this fascinating story.

Users can purchase The Nook at traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores or online at Amazon.comApple iTunes Store or Barnes is Noble.

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