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Fans of Kavinsky urged him to return for almost a decade. Stars in 2013 The album OutRun was a huge hit, earning a gold certificate and undoubtedly launching a whole new genre of purposeful, story-based music. So why does he seem to have been hiding for so long?

is designed exclusively for Express.co.ukKavinsky explained that the reason he needed so much time to get back to work was because he first wanted to fully master his work before the new music awoke.

“I didn’t know when I would return,” Kavinski told Zoom. “But I wanted to take the time to think about the music I had already released. So I think it took me all this time to create new music that excited me. »

He added: “It was a really good thing for me! Because it allowed me to reflect on previously created music and start anew on a new basis, with a new spirit. »

Nevertheless, the pressure from his fans had to be deafening.

After the continued incredible success of OutRun, Kavinsky’s desire has reached a boiling point. However, he did not answer the call. And that seems to be just because of the artist’s unwillingness to play the same old music as everyone else.

Kavinsky said: “Both are really because I wanted to create something new after the music I released in the past … Another factor – and perhaps the pressure – is that people are listening to music. . The world has changed. »

However, it was not this new way of constantly digesting music that eventually forced Kavinsky to retire (if you can call it that).

Instead, it was an epidemic. At the risk of facing an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kavinsky admitted that staying home alone is what ultimately forced him to struggle with his oppressive creativity. “I had to deal with wanting to make music again,” he said. “So in a way, the pandemic has benefited me because I can focus on what I want to do next. »

He later explained how his listeners should not expect the same experience as Reborn as OutRun.

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“It’s a slower road,” he laughs. “They can really listen to the album while relaxing in their car or on the website. An album was created for that. He continued that this new mentality has been in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

Looking at the two-year production process, Kavinsky thought: “I wanted to create a new sound. Rich. Softer, less tortuous than before. »

But returning to Kavinsky was not an easy decision.

Obviously, he thinks a lot about everything he presents to the world. It’s not just a new album, a bunch of singles and some merchandise; No, he has to create all the aesthetics – which is probably what he is best known for.

Each edition features a similar Hollywood clip that tells an alternative story to Dead Cruiser (the hero of Kavinsky chasing evil shady highways and rescuing girls in distress). Each product should allow any fan to fully experience Kavinsky’s boldest imagination.

Hell, this time he even agreed with the French watch brand YEMA Exclusive (and Limited) Edition Check out this £ 450,000 funding on Kickstarter in a few days.

No, Kavinsky doesn’t call anything semi-baked. But it is very successful.

And while he wants to continue to create Dead Cruiser legends in movies and TV shows over the next year (“Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about it … one day it will, but there are no plans), it seems Kavinsky wants to escape.” some of his past. .

Since Kavinsky left the music in 2013, its popularity has grown steadily, perhaps (in part) due to Nicholas Winding Raven in 2011. driving. The film, directed by Ryan Gosling, featured Kavinsky’s Nightcall, one of the greatest and most popular. tracks. It became synonymous with the film, but it seems to have become a dirty word about the artist himself.

When I mentioned the movie, he replied, “When I think about when Drive came out, it was a really good time for me. A lot of people listened to my music. Lots of people who couldn’t listen to my music or listen to my music. Different types of music. So they discovered what I had during this movie. Obviously I am very indebted to this film.

He didn’t go into details.

I was also curious to see if he had any ideas on how OutRun and his other old music could lead to the birth of a new aesthetically based genre of music (captured as a synthwave).

He started slowly, “You’ve really heard of the composite wave. “But I’ve said a lot to a lot of people, ‘I hate putting my music in the genre, in the box.’ »

He quickly added, “But if my music makes people or musicians work on their music and be creative, I’m very happy about that. [But] I won’t think about my music. It’s just a new word I heard about after that. »

Regardless of the music companies and expectations, Kavinsky looked impressed when he returned to his fans. He indicated indifferently that he was preparing to visit America during the tour and wanted to visit the UK as soon as possible.

But will this second album force all of its fans to endure another ten years – or maybe at all?

thank god no.

Kavinsky assured: “I won’t wait that long. Because in ten years I will be too old to release a new album! So I’ll be back sooner than before. »

Kavinsky – Rayborn is out.

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