Koh Lanta: Why is there only one season this year?

TF1 is changing the habits of Koh Lanta fans. This year, the channel will offer only one adventure game season.

“There is no filming for the new season at the moment, so there will be no second season at Koh-Lanta at the start of the school year,” said Xavier Gandon, director of aerial and digital television at TF1. .

The very close frequency of the seasons apparently affected the audience of the series – among the first series of “Cursed Totem” broadcast on February 22, there were almost a million viewers, attracting 4.5 million. people, or 20.2 percent. 2021 August 24 was delivered to La Légende, which raised 5.6 million. viewers or 29.3% of PDAs.

Scandals like the surrounding fraud that affected the show’s image certainly didn’t help the situation. This change in frequency is also not the first revolution in fan habits, and the channel may correct it.

Tuesday is not allowed

The programs of the last two seasons of Koh-Lanta were not received by regular viewers on Tuesday evening, instead of the traditional Friday, and the episodes lasted until late in the evening. The Friday lodge allowed him to sleep the next day.

Due to this longer downtime between the two seasons decided by TF1, the channel should also review its broadcast box. “With the Golden Family, we’ve seen that the sequence of traffic programs after Koh-Lanta has worked well. However, the time period on Tuesday evening does not have to remain during the time slot of the streaming program. It will depend on the offerings of American series. We will be pragmatic, ”added Xavier Gandon. So will Koh Lanta find Friday? We will have to wait until we find out.

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