Legrand: Annual Financial and Audit Reports / Annual Financial Reporting Procedure


Limoges, 2022 April 6

Document availabilityuniversal registration in 2021

Document onglobal registration for Legrand was filed in 2022. April 6from the Authority financial markets.

Document onthe global registration shall include, in particular, an annual financial report, a report on corporate governance presented in a specific section of the report Board management administration from 2022 March 15 at the general meeting of shareholders scheduled for 2022 May 25 (as well as the related Auditor’s Report), as well as information on fees paid to statutory auditors.

Document onthe general registration is available to the public free of charge under the conditions laid down in the applicable legislation and is available on the Company’s website (www.legrandgroup.comInvestors and Shareholders / Regulated Information / 2021).



  • 2022 first quarter results: 2022 May 5

    the beginning quiet period1 »2022 April 5

  • General shareholders meeting: 2022 May 25

  • Past Dividend Date: 2022 May 30

  • Dividend payment: 1is 2022 June

  • 2022 first half results: 2022 July 29

    the beginning quiet period1 »2022 June 29


Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The full offer, tailored to tertiary, industrial and residential markets, makes it a global benchmark. Legrand is right to take advantage of technological and societal developments that have a lasting impact on buildings seek to improve life by changing spaces people live, work and meet electrical and digital infrastructure and connected solutions that are simple, innovative and sustainable.

In a process involving all its teams and stakeholders, Grothe river is pursuing its own growth strategy profitable and responsible, driven by acquisition and innovation constant new offers including in particular products with a higher consumption value (segments with a higher consumption value) growth: datacenters, connected offers, energy efficiency programs). Legrand has realized in 2021 turnover was € 7.0 billion. Group is included in the Euronext Paris list and in particular in the CAC 40 and CAC 40 ESG. (ISIN code FR0010307819).


1 Period of suspension of all notifications until the results are published.

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