Lidl continues with new offers, here is the top of the best promotions for the holidays

Although prices are low all year round, lidl takes advantage of sales to pulverize the company’s efforts competition. We tell you everything!

Thank you Lidl!

Ah lidl ! When combined, these four letters symbolize happiness. Yes dear readerObjectif you’re lucky enough to have one, maybe searching your catalog. Available every Wednesday in paper or PDF format, it lists the tips for the week. And the least we can say is that there are always some big surprises inside. It is clear that the competition is getting worse. First, she thinks about how to compete with this device product that works better than the original but costs three times less. When it comes to this ingredient or this cosmetic, it is really difficult for the customer to live without it. The only fault of the German brand is quantity, not quality. Indeed, supplies are scarce to make the tension last even a little. Will understand, the first to arrive, who will have priority!

The highest start of the sale

whenever she can lidl offers us culinary dishes from all over the world. After Asia or Italy, Greece leads the scene. If you like feta, olives, or Tzatziki, you’ll be in heaven! And to accompany it all, the shop recommends a lot of beer at reduced prices, ice cream Ferrero Rocher Where Ben and Jerry. Since the beginning of the pandemic or trauma related to chocolates Kinder, homemade is back in fashion. Plus, when it comes to frozen desserts or fresh pasta, you no longer have an excuse not to take action!

c) Lidl

Music lover, you always have to have the means to work, cook or relax. thanks to lidl, your hi-fi system or vinyl record player will collect dust. Your task is to find a suitable place for this Bluetooth speaker. The music lover that you are when you connect to the platform (Deezer, Spotifyetc.), the atmosphere will be great! Thanks to 15 hours of autonomy, your neighbors just have to watch out!

These two Lidl promotions are perfect for summer

During this heat wave period, we want to refresh ourselves. Multiple showers are not always a good idea. As for this water, you should leave some for the younger or the elderly. At home from lidl, we offer you one of these ventilation systems. Due to global warming, this type of heat wave will become more frequent. So don’t hesitate and buy from the store closest to your nest or resting place. Clearly, not everyone will. See you soon for new adventures!

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