Lingopie signs second anime content agreement with FUJI Creative Corporation for eight titles on the platform

May 23, 2022 – LingopiaLanguage Learning Platform, has licensed its second line of animated content with Fuji Creative Corporationdistribution part Fuji television networkOne of the most popular commercial and terrestrial broadcasters in Japan, eight names were launched on the platform today, May 23rd.

SVOD Lingopie is looking for the best shows from around the world as part of its mission to transform the way people learn new languages. By purchasing the highest quality program in the original language, they offer their viewers an entertaining and exciting experience.

Genichi Kimura, Senior Executive Fuji Creative Corporation (FCC) said: “We are excited to partner with Lingopie to provide Japanese language learners with an interactive and entertaining experience with this selection from our catalog.”

The deal includes popular records that have been broadcast Fuji television networkwhich includes the following series:

Mojahimon (2010) 11 series
Drums (2016) 11 series
Galileo Donna (2013) 11 series
Usagi autumn (2011) 11 series
Genji (2009) 11 series
Hyakko (2008) 13 series
Ancient (2008) 12 series
Chico, heir to the phantom thief (2008) 22 series

“We owe it to our viewers to provide them with the best content in foreign languages.” FCC it was an obvious choice when we acquired our second Japanese group, ”says David Datney, co-founder and CEO of Lingopie. “We hope that this relationship will grow as we grow as a company, and that we will be able to provide our users with high-quality content for their exclusive program.”

All eight titles are available for streaming now, and more Anime will be added in the coming months.

About Lingopy
Lingopie is a subscription Video on demand (SVOD), which is transforming the way people learn new languages ​​around the world. By allowing people to immerse themselves in great TV shows in a variety of languages, Lingopie creates the world’s most engaging and entertaining way to learn new languages. Unlike other SVOD platforms, Lingopie is specifically designed for people who want to explore different cultures and learn languages ​​by watching great series from around the world. To learn more about Lingopie, visit

On Fuji Creative Corporation (FCC)
Fuji Creative Corporation (FCC) specializes in both the distribution and production of high – quality television programs for domestic and foreign markets as a member of the Fuji Media Holdings Group, one of the most popular media and entertainment companies in Japan. Full experience in distribution and licensing FCC has been providing foreign markets with high-quality programs such as cartoons, dramas, reality shows and documentaries, HD programs and program formats for more than 30 years. Now that global demand for multimedia, multi-channel and cross-border programming is growing, as well as the availability and technical innovation of widespread equipment and infrastructure, we are committed to continuing to grow our diverse business to meet the needs of international media. markets, and we will continue to contribute to the global community by creating new opportunities for our licensing partners.

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