Lithuania has stopped accepting applications for the relocation of Russian companies

Lithuania has temporarily stopped accepting applications from Russian companies for business transfers, they said press office Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the State. Authorities said the relocation of Russian companies “does not meet society’s expectations”.

“International companies that have decided to leave Russia have had more than a month to decide which country they will transfer their business to. Despite the fact that our services strictly check every company and person, today the transfer of Russian business to Lithuania does not meet the company’s expectations, “said the press service of the Minister of Economy and Innovation Aushrine Armonaitė.

The minister also stressed that Lithuania “has never cooperated with companies with Russian capital and has not invited them to the country”.

According to the agency, five international companies operating from Russia have applied to relocate to Lithuania. According to the ministry, these organizations employ about 300 people. Most companies operate in the IT sector.

The ministry added that by the end of March, three Russian small businesses already headquartered in Lithuania had relocated about 100 employees and their families from Russia. The ministry stressed that all Russian citizens have passed the necessary checks.

Some Russian companies have started transporting employees abroad after the start of the military operation in Ukraine. An important part of this business is in the field of IT.

Read more about the relocation of Russian companies in the material “Kommersant” “IT business consists of passports.”

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