Live news: U.S. lawmakers disagree on Supreme Court ruling

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is “disappearing,” the former Conservative MP said after the ruling party lost two by-elections.

“[Johnson’s] authority has fallen sharply, “Gavin Barwell told Sky News on Friday. “The Conservative Party has approached Boris Johnson because he considered him an election winner. . . deep love or affection for him among conservative parliamentarians.

“It simply came to our notice then [Johnson’s] the government is disappearing, ”he said.

Liberal Democrat Richard Foord of Tivertone and Honiton overthrew the Conservative majority of 24,239 votes and won the local election by 6,144 votes. The Tories have been following Tiverton and Honiton since their inception in 1997.

Elsewhere, Labor has reclaimed Wakefield after Simon Lightwood defeated his rival Conservative Nadeem Ahmed by 4925 votes.

“If the Conservative Party continues as it is. . . it is a sleep going to defeat in another [general] elections, ”said Lord Barwell. “If the Conservative Party changes its leader and changes its direction. . . if he does these two things, he can still win.

“Tiverton’s result is catastrophic,” he added. “It simply came to our notice then.

Lord Barwell said Tiverton was a “strong-backed constituency”, a reference to the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

“So for the Liberal Democrats to win and win there comfortably, it means there are many places in the south of the country that are vulnerable,” he added.

Oliver Dowden was due to appear on Sky, but resigned as party chairman early Friday.

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