“LOL: Who’s Laughing Is Going Out” Season 2 Amazon Prime: No Laughing Series

SERIES – new season LOL: Whoever laughs goes out It will be available on the Amazon Prime Video platform this Friday, April 1st. The concept is simple: ten comedians and comedians are gathered in one scene, and those who laugh are eliminated. As in Koh Lanta, only one was left in the end. And to keep, candidates have more or less techniques as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

As in Season 1, it’s Philippe Lacheau who animates the game from his control center, except that this time he’s no longer alone. Last season’s grand winner Alexandra Lamy accompanies the Nanny actor to support Éric Judor, Ramzy and Malha Bedia, Panayotis Pascot, Audrey Fleurot, Gérard Darmon, Camille Lellouche, Alice David, Ahmed Sylla and Just Riadh. Each of the candidates is playing to win € 50,000, which will be donated to the association they represent.

“You’re told you shouldn’t do it, so you do”

Laughter is the very essence of the profession of these actors, and they know how to deal with the situation on the set. Unfortunately, the best solution does not apply to the LOL set. “When you giggle, you have to go out of your way and run, which is usually something you can’t do LOL,” Alice David explains at the microphone. HuffPost. So the candidates had to use alternatives. “Eat lots of things and drink lots of water. I never ate when I was hungry, ”she continues.

The game was much more challenging than the actors expected. “I thought it would be easy if I wanted to stop laughing, I do, but it’s hard. That’s because it’s childish: you’re told you shouldn’t do it, you do it. Just like in class, we were ridiculed for not being allowed to laugh, ”say Just Riadh and Ahmed Sylla.

And this year, the candidates are less resilient than in Season 1. “They are more offensive and there are good lunatics like Éricas and Ramzy this year, but there are also big cult levels like Gérard Darmon,” Philippe Lacheau teaches. “They were also helped by watching before the season, and that gave them weapons to remove,” he continues.

To find out which candidate will be at the end of the game, the series will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting this Friday, April 1st. The first three episodes will be shown there, and the next three seven days later, on April 8th.

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