London-bound passenger wakes up after night on sleeper train to find he never left station: report

The image shows the Caledonian Sleeper which has not left the station.

The man on the train slept on the train all night when he realized in the morning that it had not left the station. The man, Jim Metcalfe, boarded a sleeper train bound for London on Tuesday night and expected to wake up in the UK capital on Wednesday morning, but services in Glasgow remained at a standstill. BBC.

He is a regular Scotland-London commuter but woke up in the wrong city – not knowing the train had been cancelled. The publication reported that a direct train connection between Scotland and the capital of England was canceled due to a heat wave, BBC said.

Mr Metcalfe recalled his entire terrifying experience on Twitter. “@CalSleeper In 15 years of using this train and through many bizarre twists and turns this is definitely the most unusual. Wake up and the train never left Glasgow. It just sat here all night and now we’ve been kicked off at 5.30am in the wrong place, ” he wrote.

Network Rail said crews worked through the night to make repairs.

Railway services were canceled across the country as the temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius for the first time. Several videos have surfaced online showing the ill effects of the extreme heat, with tracks and signaling equipment melting.

Meanwhile, rail passengers heading to London encountered huge queues at Glasgow Central Station on Wednesday morning.

According to reports BBC, Mr Metcalfe is the chief executive of the charity in East Renfrewshire and had hoped to drive to London on business. The 43-year-old uses the service on business trips throughout the year.

“I can’t sleep before he starts moving so I get up early and try to go to sleep first, so I got up at 10.30pm and slept until 11pm. That was it really,” he told the publication.

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