Luli Fernandez explains why she limits her son’s use of technology

“Because he never agreed to it, he’s not asking for it.” We try to keep it as long as possible. As you say, it takes a long time…”stated in an interview with the model People,

and installed: “Boy, you get used to not relying on the help represented by entertainment devices, we give it our all!” Especially Christiane, who despite being 52 years old on the floor, continues to throw and this is a place he values ​​very much.,

Also luli fernandez She clarified that when her son grows up and sees his friends using mobile devices, he will have to compromise on his position.

“Over the years, the system will defeat us and we have to give up.” And that’s good. Not that we have any resistance, but we believe that in these first years of life he is not overstimulated for his development. for the benefit of The members of the commission are indicated.

And he dismissed his idea of ​​parenthood: “If mothers knew how important it is to keep children away from screens until a certain age, but if you can’t do it 100 percent, at least reduce the time you are exposed to them.

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Lully Fernandez accuses Nicole Newman of cutting her 8 million steps

luli fernandez pointed to Nicole Newman as the person responsible for her reduction from the organized event Guidas Kazka, 8 million steps.

lady show partner He said that he ended his presence in the entertainment circle Nicole Traveled, nothing happened.

“Three dates that left me out of a job because you told me not to”Told A flower Very confident on camera. And he explained in detail: “Since I did 8 scenes for Nicole prior to being on this program, she has pre-contracted tours.

“However, when I started participating in the show “Partners”, managing the recording coordination became difficult due to the problem of time. Also, I do a lot of modeling, hosting, and my schedule is always such that once a date is confirmed, those dates are set.He continued.


Luli Fernandez explains why she limits her son's use of technology

“Due to Nicole’s absence in June, I had several dates set to go to Los 8 Escalones. But on June 14 they told me that nicole was going to be involved so they were going to be away from my work. So, I tell them, “How strange that they found out 3 days ago because I stopped doing other things because of it”blessed assurance luli fernandez,

“What caught my attention was that when Sol Solaro was on the air on the 17th, Nicole wasn’t there. I had that date. Then I began to remember, and a few days before speaking at the event, his absence about their dissatisfaction “ A panelist pointed out.

and hit straight Nicole Newman, “Obviously being part of the show I say things that might be uncomfortable. But messing with a co-worker’s work is a lot. It’s really because I’m a puppy, not because I’m a puppy. I am taking the first step in this area.”

“I have nothing personal with Nicole Newman. I don’t have that with anyone from the environment. I do my job to the best of my ability and I take it seriously”he claimed A flower,

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