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Jamie Kerager analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Liverpool and the City of Manchester Monday night football and looked at the areas where they could lose points while the Premier League championship was hanging.

The teams led by Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klop are still one point away at the top of the Premier League table after beating Watford and Everton respectively over the weekend.

They each have five games left and Liverpool will face the toughest game on paper, but Karacher believes the two teams will slip by the end of the campaign.

“We’re talking about two great teams,” he said sky sports commentator said Monday night football. “You can’t really separate them into one game area, but I see them both losing points.”

Man City is one point ahead of Liverpool with five games left

“Liverpool have big advantage in attack”

Keragers revealed his analysis, explaining why the Liverpool Fire Force could give them an advantage.

“Liverpool have a slight advantage in terms of attack and goal scored,” he said. “They scored 85 games in Man City 80.

“We are talking about the fact that Man City is not an attacker, but the goal is still absolutely phenomenal.

“But Man City’s top scorer is De Bruins with 11 and Liverpool’s Salah with 22. There is a big difference.

Liverpool’s attack figures are higher than Man City’s

“Man City have obviously scored a little more, but the best figures show that Liverpool have a big advantage in the attack.”

He added: “If Man City lost points, it would be because they could have games in which they do not score.

“Man City have not scored four games this season – Liverpool only one – and they have only scored one goal in seven games, which means 11 games have scored or zero.

“So you think if Man City is going to lose points, it has to be 0-0, it’s proven this season in the games we’ve seen.”

Man City has lost eight points this season
Man City has lost eight points this season

Former striker Robbie Kines will visit Carragher Monday night footballHe added: “It ‘s amazing when you look at the whole season, how successful Man City has been without a strong striker.

“If they had a new Serhio Agvero four or five years ago, I think the league would be over now.

“The football they play is amazing to watch. They have bodies in the box and they score a lot of goals.

“But these are the times when you need the ninth number in the fox box. I think that’s where they could slip, especially in tense games.

“Why Man City Has Protection Benefits”

While City have often dropped points in underperforming games, Liverpool’s slip has often been more chaotic.

“It should be noted that many of the games in which Liverpool lost points took place at the beginning of the season, but in the second half of the season there was a change in defense,” Karacher said.

Liverpool have scored in nine Premier League games

“But if Liverpool were to throw points, you would think the result would not be 0: 0, but 2: 2.

“The weaknesses of both teams are that City is not the striker and Liverpool’s high line. But I think they have their strengths in a way.

“Defense statistics show the City has an advantage.

“Most people would say Liverpool has the best defender in the world, Virgin van Dick, but as a City team there is better protection, and that could be due to the absence of the attacker.

“Maybe more control of the ball in the game means people can’t attack them.

According to statistics, Man City has a defensive advantage
According to statistics, Man City has a defensive advantage

“But again, the numbers are very close.

“If there is a big difference, there is xG in one game. For Liverpool, that is almost a third more.

“Nothing happens in pure games, but the most important thing is that Manchester City only scored one goal from the setball and Liverpool seven.”

“Liverpool’s high line is a strength, not a weakness”

Asked why Liverpool gave his opponents a better chance than the City, with Liverpool finishing 14th in the Premier League after xG in every hit, Explained: “Many of these situations are through people running against Elison.

“I just mentioned that Man City without an attacker is a kind of strength, and the same goes for Liverpool’s high line.

“The first reason they play high line is that they want to achieve high results to keep the team compact.

Liverpool's high line also helps them push opponents high on the field
Liverpool’s high line also helps them push opponents high on the field

“In terms of high turnover, which ends in penalties, they have the highest score in the Premier League and have more than twice as many goals as any other team in these situations.

“The second reason they play a high line is the number of times they catch an opponent outside.

“There is a huge difference between Liverpool (131 games) and Man City, which is the second best (82).

“That’s why people question the high line, but Liverpool benefits so much from it.

Liverpool were left 131 times this season

“When you play that style, you need the best players to do it, and they have the best defender in the world in Van Dijk and I have the best goalkeeper in the world in Alison.

“It doesn’t always work, and sometimes I doubt it, but for the most part it depends on the body positions. If they have a problem, it doesn’t matter how high they’re on the ground, it’s because the body positions aren’t correct. Body positions is all about playing the high line. “

Caharher thinks Tottenham in particular will want to take advantage of Liverpool’s high line, given how well Harry Keyn is able to spot Heung-Mine Son’s races behind him, but he believes Ellison’s presence is essential to reduce the risk.

Ellison is the Premier League's best goalkeeper in individual situations
Ellison is the Premier League’s best one-on-one goalkeeper

“The third reason they play on the high line is that Liverpool has the best goalkeeper in the world who can handle such situations,” added Karager. “You know he ‘s great in those posts.

“I think the best goalkeeper in the world is one-on-one. Statistics show that Liverpool had to score eight more goals this season than they have had one-on-one.

“It simply came to our notice then. They support their goalkeeper to deal with it in every game because they have the best deal with it. In addition, the high line has helped them to move forward and score on their own.

“So when people say the high line is a problem, I go back to what I said about Manchester City’s false ninth.

“They are considered a weakness – and they only have to make a mistake once before the end of the season, because it can cost any team the title.

“But these are not big problems for any team, they are actually strengths.”

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