Mario Pelchat is postponing his return to Montreal

The sixth wave of the pandemic is affecting the Quebec art community. In the last row, singer Mario Pelčat had to cancel a total of five shows because he fell ill with COVID.

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After the cancellation of his performance Just like on a first date On April 8, 9 and 10, in Quebec, he announced on Tuesday that he had to postpone his two performances of his return to Montreal scheduled for Friday.

“I was on the ground when I had a positive test,” he explains. I was very disappointed when I had to tell my teams. Everyone is united. I was worried about the public reaction, but I only had good comments. »

This is the first time in his 40-year career that he has had to cancel five shows in a row.

Coughing, stuffy nose, dizziness … on Tuesday he had to make a difficult decision to cancel his big Montreal premiere.

“You have to be in full shape to get on stage and show the show,” he says. I can’t come and give less than I usually give. I am very demanding of myself. I am also saddened by musicians who have been deprived of their profession for two years and still have to stop. He will return to the stage in Sherbrooke on April 29.

Difficult recovery

Over the past month, dozens of comedians and singers have had to cancel or postpone their shows because they have contracted the virus.

Last week, singer Patrick Mihaud announced the postponement of eleven concerts following laryngitis and Covid’s illness. The same happened recently after his group members tested positive for COVID.

The same scenario for singer Roxana Bruneau, who was also forced to postpone the show series.

“It’s not an easy resume, there are so many things to check to make sure teams, artists, technicians and people on the premises are safe,” explains Sebastien G. Cote, senior director of Musicor Spectacles.

When a COVID case occurs in a team, the decision-making process of manufacturers is determined by caution. He has to confirm with the theater how to deal with the postponement, find the best possible dates, notify the teams and then the ticket holders.


Comedians are not spared. Simon Delislam had to postpone his Montreal premiere to April 12 Invincible scheduled for April 6.

“I took it very badly when I found out that the test was positive. Life has sent me one of my curves, not the first. I was burning, but whatever you want happens to a lot of people. »

For some comedians, the announcement of the cancellation or relocation of the show and the Covid-19 infection comes with its share of insults, hateful messages and even threats on social media. This was the case for Mike Word, who announced last week that he had to postpone the show for COVID reasons. Diabetic, a comedian has always made sure to check himself and his guests before recording his show under listening. Once recovered, he should return to the stage on Thursday in Senerem.

Performances canceled or postponed

Mario Pelčats The performances of the year had to be postponed Just like on a first date from April 8, 9 and 10 at the Capitole Theater in Quebec until October 11 and 12 and January 29. The grand premiere, scheduled for the Montreal Theater in Saint-Denis on April 15 and 16, has been postponed to September 16 and 17, 2022. Tickets for these new dates will be honored.

Several comedians have been infected with COVID-19 in recent weeks. That was it d’Arnaud Solijs, Simon Delisl, Pierre Yves Roy-Desmare (who is back on stage on April 12 in Brosard).

Gajs Nantels who had to postpone his performances from 8 April in Repentina and 9 April in Papineauvilla to 21 April and 22 October. He will take the stage again in Magog on June 11.

Maiks Vords has moved to Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec. Postponed to 8 August at 8 pm on 8 April and at 21.30 to 2 August the following year. The April 9 show at 4 p.m. will be postponed to July 31 at 4 p.m. The April 10 show in the auditorium of Matāne Secondary School has also been postponed to April 22.

Singer Roksana Bruneau Trois-Rivières, Joliette, Saint-Jérôme and Matane had to postpone their performances. She will be on stage again on April 29 in Monmanja.

Patriss Mihauds, Āriāna Roja and Dominiks Fils-Aime the performances also had to be canceled due to illness.

Mika moved its three concerts scheduled for April 7, 9 and 11 in Quebec to April 27, 25 and 28. It is not known if the singer had COVID-19.

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