Marva is “funny” and “ready for anything”, Melania Orla fights her fake pair with Greg

Greg Yega and Maeva Gennama met for the first time in late 2018 The people of Marseilles Asian tour. Since then, it has been an endless story between the star of the program and Pag’s best friend. Between collisions, breaks and reconciliation, Maeva and Greg have been harassing reality TV fans for four years. in the last season of the year Marseille, the two terrible lovers came together again and promised each other wonderful things. But when the cameras were off, Greg and Maeva divorced.

As every time Jamam breaks ties, the young man is once again taking pictures of his former Melania Orl. It’s a finito beanie for her too! So in a few weeks, Bebew has a new goal: Marwa. The only problem with the beautiful brunette is Melania’s girlfriend

Greg and Marva as a couple? Surrendered, Melania Orla does not lose her temper

A few days before joining the shooting The rest of the world Greg and Marva were spotted in the same restaurant. So a real rapprochement or a strategic couple? Indeed, according to information leaked from the program, Marva, who had entered into a relationship with Theo, became very close to Greg. Upon learning this news, her girlfriend Melania Orla reacted for the first time: “There really is no mood today. You better close … for now!”

The last time I heard that Greg and Marva were no longer together when filming for RDM ended.

Two days ago, Pag held an incredible birthday party to mark the 21st anniversary of his beloved Giuseppe. Friends, relatives, and reality television colleagues gathered to pay homage to P’tite Giu and her legendary dynamism. Among the wild dances that set the boat on fire, Marva and Greg were very close, as were Cedric and Victoria, who even kissed.

“I’m not sad, but it annoys me”

Internet users who have already been criticized for their false relationship with Greg do not understand Mārva’s attitude.

In force, the young woman should be Melania’s girlfriend in Orla, who even wiped away her tears when the young man had made her suffer so much. After the initial disappointment The rest of the world, Mela notices that her ex – girlfriend continues to flirt with her ex. It’s too much for her! Finally, she addresses it in public:

“Yes, I was invited to Giuseppe’s birthday. Still happy, she’s one of my best friends. I’m telling you the truth, I couldn’t go … Brushinguee, makeupee, I bought three different train tickets. But I didn’t feel it.” I knew some people would use this event to create their own little show! Good game ! But I can’t stand it. I am not a hypocrite, I am not a fake. I don’t know how to contain myself and I could have slipped some people! (…) Don’t think that he is compared to him, that I am jealous. If you knew how I turned the page! Nothing for me, he does what he wants with his life! I’m not sad, but it annoys me. On my forehead is written “do it upside down with me!” I am always in touch with people who are ready for anything! Funny. In any case, I look forward to resolving it. “


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