Marvel: Doctor Strange 2 Outperforms Batman at American Box Office!

There is something new on the Marvel side. Doctor Strange 2 has just beaten Batman at the American box office.

The latest Marvel has just broken the record. Indeed, a few days after its release, Dr. Straind 2 made a real splash. Until, the latter beat Batman US box office. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

The Marvel phenomenon

The success of these comics has grown rapidly since the first Marvels were released in 1939. So much so that today these famous comics are adapted for movies. And that’s to the delight of superhero fans.

Moreover, thanks to all these believers, the Iron Man, the Spider-Man, and everyone else continue to entertain the world. But if these superheroes delight the public so much, it is partly thanks to the actors who embody them.

By the way, it may be that the actor Doctor StrangerI thought of leaving my seat. A message that, of course, left fans speechless.

So Benedict Cumberbatch would like to take a break with a character who has been embodied for several years. But while waiting for the actor to leave, Marvel fans can enjoy the latest release Dr. Strange.

2022 May 4 The last Marvel was introduced in France. To the joy of believers. Indeed they all responded to this meeting small at least very special.

So much so that in just a few days Dr. Straind 2 shot down Batman US box office. MCE TV says more!

Dr. Strange plaka Batman US box office

Marvel fans we were looking forward to 2022. May 4 And for good reason – last Dr. Strange was released in cinemas in France. To the joy of believers.

However, most countries in the world have appreciated this second part, not everyone is so lucky. And there is nothing to say.

In Saudi Arabia and In Egypt, the film was banned. The reason? One of the heroes of the new Marvel is gay. What these countries at least dislike is very conservative.

However, this did not stop other fans from enjoying the new adventures Dr. Strange. By the way, the latest Marvel. just beat Batman US box office. Just that!

From the first week Dr. Straind in the madness multivoye went down in history. With $ 185 million in revenuethe film becomes the 11th best start in film history.

But that’s not all. In fact, on the Marvel side, second Dr. Strange stands up 7th place in the best franchise films.

To give yourself an idea. Dr. Straind 2 shot down Batmanreleased in 2022 March 2 So that’s how much the new Marvel has lifted the cartel.

One thing is for sure Marvels still has a bright future ahead of them. Especially since every year more and more people allow themselves to be disappointed with these adventures of superheroes.

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