May 9 is a political day

In Gironde, Thomas Cazenave is responsible for keeping the 1st constituency in the lap of the LRM in the face of the right, environmentalists … and the dissident.

Thomas Kazenave, 44, will be a candidate for LRM 1D Gironde district (Bordeaux, Caudéran, Bruges, Le Bouscat). The unfortunate candidate for the 2020 municipal elections in Bordeaux, despite a trade union concluded in the second round with outgoing mayor Nicolas Florian (Les Républicains), he later joined an opposition group in the municipal and metropolitan council.

The one in charge of the public service component of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign is about to take over from Dominic David (LRM). “We both want to offer a majority to Emmanuel Macron, and I think we need a voice to carry our territories.”, says Thomas Kazenave. But he is also there to block the left union. Mr Cazenave needs that “Avoid leaving the constituency for Francis Fayotot”an environmental specialist and a delegated municipal adviser.

He is also opposed by Jupist Pierre de Gaetan Njik, supported by Bouscat Mayor Patrick Bobett (LR). He is convinced: I intend to embody Republican autonomy in this new configuration of our political family in the face of the LRM candidate and the left, invested in so many talks. »

This municipal councilor believes the “walker” Thomas Kazenave “It takes a lot of risks, because the game is much more open than in 2017. (…) A balance sheet has to be adopted and, as far as the project is concerned, it is currently illegible. »

LRM will also have to reckon with the dissident candidacy of Xavier Loustauna, who recently joined Eduard Philip’s Horizon party as the president’s majority.

Xavier Loustaunau, a former member of Alena Zupé’s cabinet, is running for the center-right, supported by “former elected officials, associations, traders and many locals”. He condemns “parachuting” Thomas Kazenave, to whom he lends national ambitions.

Azizam Skalli, LRM rapporteur in Gironde, Thomas Kazenave, however “marked his anchor” in the capital Gironde. In his eyes he is “a person who is in charge of the operation of the State and who has the responsibilities of the State”.

Claire Meire (Bordeaux, correspondent)

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