Mbandaka: Uncontrollable search for personal wealth is a source of mass poverty (Pr David Masamba)

The Higher Institute for Rural Development (ISDR) / Mbandaka on Tuesday, June 7, organized a conference on: “One Land”. This scientific activity is linked to the celebration of World Environment Day.

Among the speakers is Professor David Masamba, the new ISDR academic secretary general, who, however, deplored the uncontrollable search for personal wealth that is a fashionable development in several countries, such as the DRC. He believes that such an attitude is a source of mass poverty and threatens the environment:

“We work in a system of social injustice. The more we want to receive benefits, the more we ignore the social dimension. And we create black poverty! And in black poverty, people, actors cannot respect the environment just when we want to create more wealth to benefit, we always do pressure on the environment, and these three pillars contradict each other, which is why it is a form of development that does not respect the environment.

For him, poverty in the DRC is perpetuated by a system that excludes it from its economic system:

“Growth that does not want to benefit the most disadvantaged. Growth that benefits the minority. What solution do you envisage for the DRC? this is the first step. ”

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