Meet Danish Manzoor from Naye Kashmir, international taekwondoist from Baramulla

I hope it doesn’t go away: an athlete from Yamu and Kashmir who was unable to take part in the G2 Taekwondo Championships due to the COVID-19 pandemic wants to fulfill his Olympic dream soon.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the business and education sectors, it has also affected sport. During the pandemic, athletes and athletes remained locked in their houses with balconies and lawns that became their exercise.

One such athlete, Danish Manzoor, an international taekwondo fighter, followed the same pattern at home.

Danish, a resident of Baramulla in northern Kashmir, began practicing taekwondo at home during COVID-19 imprisonment and attended an online historical event organized by the World Taekwondo Championships – the online taekwondo championship in poomsae.

Fortunately, the Danes were among the top 20 athletes in the world rankings.

Last year, the Dane won a silver medal at the Tokey Memorial National Taekwondo Championships in Ropar, Punjab, and was named the best player of the tournament.

In early 2022, the Danes began training for the G2 Taekwondo Olympic Championships to be held in Iran. It was sponsored by Aspire Educational Services Private Limited (AESPL) Mamath Budgam.

The Danish Manzoor misses the G2 Taekwondo Olympic Championships

However, airlines unfortunately refused to board him at Delhi airport because he received only one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. “I was not allowed to board the flight, it was pure in my heart when I saw the team leaving for Iran, and they left me there at the airport. It was the worst experience of my life. I cried as a baby, but the rules were “so strict that I had no choice but to return home. I tried to explain to the authorities that I had received the first dose and that the RT-PCR reports there were negative, but no one listened to my request,” Danish recalled.

Danish further stated that he had been traumatized for a long time because of this incident. “After such a hard workout, it was a nightmare for me. After months, I took comfort in the fact that this is not my day. And something better awaits me,” he added.

The Danes have been preparing for the upcoming international ranking events, focusing on the selection trials of the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China. The J&K athlete is now striving to make his Olympic dream come true.

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